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Suspension, Chassis & Brakes

Questions and answers about performance suspension, chassis, & brake improvements!
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Wheels & Tires

Questions and answers about wheels and tires.
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Auto X & Road Racing

For those that love to turn.
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Vehicles For Sale EP3

Sell your cars, trucks, and SUV's!
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Misc For Sale

Sell all of your non-EP stuff
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Vehicles For Sale RSX

Sell your car to members all over the country.
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Buyer & Seller Disputes

This forum is only for transaction issues between members, it is not for personal issues between members.Please use the iTrader system as well as this forum
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Vendor Member Section

Free Car History Report

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Vendor Deals

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General Sponsor Classifieds

This section is for sponsor accounts who do not have their own individual section. Sponsor account, please only use this section to post your listings.
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Need to customize or repair your vehicle? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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K Series Parts

Let us know if you want us to add a part to the online store or see what's been added to the store lately!Formerly the Club RSX Parts Store
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Tell us how we are doing and what we can do to make Club RSX better.
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Off Topic Section

The Lounge

Waste some time before the car comes out. No porn or other objectionable content please.
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The Bully Pulpit

A place to discuss current events.
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Discuss everything about photography
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Photography & Photoshop

Talk about taking and modifying pictures.
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The Birds and The Bees

Questions and answers about relationships and sex NO PORN
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The Great Outdoors

For the marksman, huntsman, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast.
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The Sports Bar & Fitness Club

Talk about sports and fitness.
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Time to Bitch

Need to let it out?
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Computer Tech

For those that need help with computer related issues.
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Video Games

Talk about the latest video games or gaming consoles.
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TV, Music, & Movies

A forum to discuss new and old TV shows, music, and movies.
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The Octagon

Mostly anything goes, sensitive people beware.
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For the brave that serve our country!
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Fave Threads

An archive of some of the more popular threads from Club RSX's Off Topic Section
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Know of a job opening? Looking for work? Post here
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