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  1. New York Metra Double Din Bracket for 02-06 RSX

    Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    For sale is my double din bracket. mint condition. no broken clips or damage anywhere. 10$ plus shipping and its yours. pm me.
  2. HanselBuilt K24 Hatch vs HiBoost K24 Hatch $5,000.00 Race

    cash run from thursday night skip to 3:30 for the run
  3. Fastest Stock Block, Stock Chassis Drag Radial RSX

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    As far as I know, no one has gone 12s in a RSX chassis all motor in street trim, ie not using slicks. I realize plenty have gone 12s using a slick already but I don't think any have done it on a Drag Radial, and this was the goal for the car. Wanted to get a Stock block, all motor RSX into the...
  4. YR RSX - Street Tires 13.4 @ 106.46

    mine isn't the car in the video. i needed something with 4 doors that i could beat up for work.
  5. Audi B5 S4 vs. Imax_13 VQ35 Nissan Maxima

    unknown mods. maxima is pretty fast though. from da back
  6. Zenn0ne Turbo BMW E34 w/ S52 vs. "10 Sec" Nissan R35 GTR

    known mods in video...
  7. 700hp R35 GTR vs. "10 Sec" R35 GTR vs. BMW E34 Turbo S52

    ohhhh this was a good one.. enjoy! HEADPHONES USERS BEWARE!!
  8. YR RSX - Street Tires 13.4 @ 106.46

    that's a mainline dyno aka the heartbreaker
  9. YR RSX - Street Tires 13.4 @ 106.46

    Videos YonkersRacing RSX best pass of the day from the track earlier in November. Car should easily dip into the 12's with some slicks on it :thumbsup::vtec:
  10. YR RSX vs. Dodge SRT-4

    he did e85 with some other things too, in the 250ish range now i believe.
  11. New York 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Stage 2+ 73,xxx

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Up for sale is my 2004 Jetta GLI. Car has been very well maintained with regular oil changes and maintenance. I am the third owner of the car, title is clean. I've owned the car for about 3 months and I am moving to NYC so I need a car that isn't as pretty as this one. Taking a loss on the car...
  12. E36 Hater-T vs. YR RSX

    Videos mods in video..Can't win em all! But more than happy to lose to a cool ass dude w/ a dope build :thumbsup:
  13. YR RSX vs. V6 FBO Accord vs. R32 VR6 swapped GTI

    Videos Mods are in the video, R32 was moving!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. YR RSX vs. V6 6SPD FBO Accord

    YR RSX takes on Sonnick's accord, mods in video
  15. Hollywood Racing *M80* Mapps Driven vs. Showtime 203 - All Motor B's

    He just won the all motor class at honda day @ Etown letting off the gas and running a 10.3 ..i think his best pass of the day was 9.95 @ 136 BEAST
  16. Hollywood Racing *M80* Mapps Driven vs. Showtime 203 - All Motor B's

    Videos Big race last night.. 4k was on the line...this is one you are going to want to see. Both cars are 10 second all motor B series edit: skip to 4:30 if you want to see the gopro
  17. turbo ep3 vs 06 m3

    i feel ya, trying to get an LSD for the yonkersracing RSX before he makes more power
  18. turbo ep3 vs 06 m3

    was that 1st gear? nice kill!
1-20 of 414 Results