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  1. 9psi supercharged rsx vs 9psi turbo rsx at the strip

    I bet the Supercharged RSX's are still struggling to break 300 whp.
  2. k24A2 motor for sale + Kpro

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    I have a K24a2 motor ( 2006 TSX) that I had on my RSX for sale. It has 35k Miles. I does not come with a Tranny. I'm asking 2,300 for the motor plus shipping. prefer local pick up in Tucson AZ. If you want K-pro I will package the deal for 3,000 including k24a2 motor and K-pro. If anyone...
  3. Evo X vs Turbo'ed Cobalt

    RSX vs. All
    Dude I wish You would talk to my friend jeremy about some of this shit..I swear sometimes He talks about shit that I know is Wrong. but since he has more Knowledge on that shit then Me, I can't really argue with him LOL.
  4. Evo X vs Turbo'ed Cobalt

    RSX vs. All
    That's some real good numbers if it's on pump gas. I dont know about all that other stuff about Direct Injection LOL. On my Evo IX we're about 320-235whp with Bolt-ons and 24psi. I'm doing the E-85 switch and We're shooting for 380-400 Whp on the stock turbo.
  5. Evo X vs Turbo'ed Cobalt

    RSX vs. All
    370Whp? Are you sure about that? I would like to see these Cobalts. I'm guessing that isnt on pump gas either.
  6. Ep3 vs Evo (video)

    RSX vs. All
    It's funny how people talk shit about the Ep for beating a stock Evo. You have to work with what you got, and for that motor beating a stock Evo is a good run.
  7. Whats wrong with this race? turbo k24 teg vs srt-4

    RSX vs. All
    I'll smoke both of them...Turbo integra probably has a greddy kit with that setup.
  8. how high can the 06 k24a2 safely rev to?

    All Motor RSX
    I have a 06 TSX motor in my RSX and I rev it to 7500 rpms MAX!...
  9. Cobra STi RSX Civic Mach 1 SRT Jeep Cobalt SS WRX

    RSX vs. All
    I miss those days in anchorage....You go to underground performance?
  10. Cobra STi RSX Civic Mach 1 SRT Jeep Cobalt SS WRX

    RSX vs. All
    was this video in Alaska?
  11. From supercharged to turbo

    RSX vs. All
    The SC is reliable and will give you some good power that you can use on the street. Once you go Turbo you have to mod other shit, and take a chance of blowing a perfectly good engine. personally I dont know why people spend so much money modding a RSX. The Turbo kits and everything is...
  12. All-black look?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    You have to consider that most people that are on these forums are brain washed to like or put certain things on their car. Even if those Headlights look like the 05+ they will say it's rice because it's not oem or JDM. IMO just do research on quality and if you like the look go ahead and get...
  13. ever notice on ur car that???

    General RSX Discussion
    I always see my gas light....I'm always like " Ah shit I need to get gas"
  14. 6.0 GTO vs Mazdaspeed 6

    RSX vs. All
    I dont know about the ls1 Gto's but the ls2's are not bad.
  15. Type S k24a2 with mods 11,500

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    I will post pics when I get a chance. I just made this decision right now. For anyone interested just PM me. TUCSON AZ AREA
  16. Type S k24a2 with mods 11,500

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Ok here is the story. I have a 2003 RSx type S with a swaped k24a2 off a 06 TSX. That engine has about 30K miles. it has a Dry shot NX Nitrous system installed but never used on this motor. If you want to use it you have to get it tuned at your expense. it also has a purge kit. Bottle...
  17. what do you think? gt30 rsx vs gt30 srt4

    RSX vs. All
    I have my money on the rsx. Equel power, Equel Driver the RSx should always pull. I never had a problem p;ullin in top end again similar power cars. Just my opinion based on my races. Srt-4s are no joke either though.
  18. Mach vs Evo (I'm bored)

    RSX vs. All
    Sounds like a nice build. what's your setup if you dont mind me asking.
  19. Mach vs Evo (I'm bored)

    RSX vs. All
    From a dig you'll destroy it? You're running slicks on the street or what? With all those fat kids in your ride from a stop against a decent modded evo...HTA 35r or something respectable you would not pull from a stop in the street. Unless ofcourse you run slicks or something. get it on...
  20. Mach vs Evo (I'm bored)

    RSX vs. All
    Was this in the street and from a roll? What did the evo have done to it?
1-20 of 245 Results