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Metallic Dark Blue
Base, Type-S wing, LED's
Only had the car for about 3 months now. When I first got it, I immediately needed new tires due to one having an impact bubble and the other a nail in it. Put 4 new BFGoodrich's on it. Kenwood Head Unit came in the car from previous owner, looks like the installation was done by someone who was experienced or cared because it looks almost stock. Couple of dinges, scratches, and scrapes around the car. Namely, got a bad scratch like someone ran into a curb and kept going on the right of the front bumper along with a couple puncture scratches on the rear bumper's left side. Honestly, those are the only noticable ones. Wheels are in decent shape with some scrapes. No glass imperfections. Engine is stock, strong, and stable at 159k miles. Oil was changed at 158890 by me. Most recently added was new Led projector headlamps. Came with working stock headlights but they were very fogged, so much there was no fixing it with a kit. Install took maybe 2 hours. Taking the bumper off is quite a bitch in my opinion. The lights looks hella sick apart from being a nightmare to fit exactly right. Will continue to update over time, as I really enjoy driving and owning this car. Kudos to Honda and Acura, I look back at it every time I park..
2003 Acura RSX (Metallic Dark Blue)


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