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  1. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Selling Sony XM 2200GTX 1200w AMP with Soundstream SPL12 Subwoofer w/custom box. Asking 100! Please message me if you're interested!
  2. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I am selling 2 12" MTX TS55 subs. They are the square subs from mtx. They hit realy hard and sound great. Also an MTX Rfl series class D 1200w amp. I've had these for about 4-5 months bought everything for $600 I'm selling for $450 OBO Reason selling is because I'm trying to get an aspec...
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I recently tried that DIY install aftermarket amp and sub and the sub dont thump...i feel a little vibration though...barely.
  4. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I have this 12 inch Pioneer Competition sub for sale. It is in great conditon! Waiting to be bumped! Its taking up space in my garage! Details and retail value: 12" Champion Series Subwoofer 1200W Sensitivity: 90 dB Frequency response: 18-500Hz Mounting Depth 153 mm Dual Voice Coil- Available...
  5. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    PARTING OUT NOW.......Shit came up and need parts gone!!!! amp - 100 shippeed gain controler - 20 shipped wires - throw mw offers!! box - 300 shipped ( reason so much - it is VERY heavy and will cost newhere from 130-140 just to ship!! ) Sub - 100 + shipping or 500 shipped for everything...
1-5 of 6 Results