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  1. Canada East
    2014 #15 (Shannonville Full Track) - September 6th, 5pm - Dusk/8pm, Saturday evening Hi all drivers, It comes to our#15 event of the season! 20+ Events 2014 brought to you by Team Touge for your busy life style. We have the track 5pm - Dusk/8pm, Sunday cost will be $85 prepay...
  2. North East
    We will be hosting our 15th dent day at our Peekskill shop on Saturday November 14th 2009. We will be charging for one day only a fee of $75 (50% off our normal rate of $150) per panel (up to 3 small dents on a panel but anything more than that will be accessed on the spot and given a quote...
  3. Car Care RSX
    Yes, yes its true. Use vinylex on your tires to give them a nice shine and to UV protect them. everything else that ive tried either browned the tires or didnt last. vinylex gives a nice shine (not super shiney), lasts through a decent amount of rain and protects your tires w/ UV protection...
1-3 of 4 Results