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  1. Wheels & Tires RSX
    I'm looking to trade my white Advan RG-Ds in 17x9.5 +25. Condition is 8/10. Located in 714 CA. I'm looking for wheels in 17x9 +35/38/40. No 18s. No reps. No RPF1s. These are the wheels I'm looking for: Volk CE28 Volk RE30 Advan RZ Advan RGII Work CR Kai
  2. Wheels & Tires RSX
    dumb asses be locking my thread hmu 714 467 5357 for pictures! comes with nexen 70% tires
  3. Southern Cali
    ERIC_DC5 (714) 467-5357 [email protected] Westminster, CA If something is not listed, Just PM or text me to get a quote Me: Working towards ASE Certified Technician Backround: Goldenwest College Huntington Beach: Automotive Technology: Major: Engines, Emissions, Electrical, Chassis, and...
  4. Southern Cali
    **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** **PICS PAGE 4** unorganized in other thread. New one : Meets set already so as written and organized above by ERIC_DC5 and AndSan714 and GregDeeC5, this is the Official Meet. We...
  5. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Hello friends, Location SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2002 Acura RSX Base Model Clean Title, 2nd owner 104k miles 3 Keys, 1 Remote, Automatic Transmission Desert Silver Metallic Lifetime Free Alignment at Firestone Well maintained, mechanic owned. No leaks, no grinds, no engine problems Oil always...
  6. Southern Cali
    MEET is right where the DUCKs rink is, Hosted By Clie Detail supply
  7. Southern Cali
    meet has been going on still, and alot of people have been showing up again, since its once a month. i dont have time to post up all the time haha but stop by. heres some pics of how it turned out. like this page for more pictures, thanks! time: 9-11ish...
  8. Southern Cali
    The m & m donuts meet is happening again feb 5th Sunday in Anaheim on katella & eucild at the taco bell an food for less if w u want to get a good spot 830
  9. Southern Cali
    looking for someoen that can install my halo projectors ! and possibly fogs at the same time ! HMU !
  10. Southern Cali
    Hey guys, I own a 06 NHBP Type-S and I am looking to get it detailed. I'm looking for a exterior, engine bay, and possibly interior detail in the 714 (I'm located in Huntington Beach), 562, 323, or 626 area. The previous owner of my car didn't take very good car of the vehicle and I'm looking to...
  11. Southern Cali
    Hi, I have an 05 type-s with that ugly deck lip spoiler. I just purchased a CF replica type-r wing and now I'm having trouble how will I install this due to having that deck wing with holes everywhere... anybody in 714 area wanna help me out with this? or a shop that specializes this? I also...
  12. Southern Cali
    Car was stolen sometime this morning at around 2-6 AM in Westminster area. Please notify authorities if you spot this vehicle around. Do not attempt to approach the vehicle just call 911. Thanks guys. Here are the list of parts to look out for if you ever see them for sale anywhere... watch...
  13. Southern Cali
    Anyone have the 10mm extension to remove the bottom screw of the headlight? im trying to remove it, but i dont have that tool. please can i borrowz?:confused:
1-17 of 34 Results