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  1. Car Care Showoff RSX
    2007 997 Targa 4S This is a daily drive 997 and has about 35k on the tach. The owner wanted to get the car looking new again because the paint was covered in swirls and had holograms all over the paint from the previous “detailer”. Since the car is daily driven we decided to go with a 1-step...
  2. Auto Talk
    German tuners RUF have developed their work on the 997, with this release of the RUF Rt 12 S. An upgrade from the non-"S" model released in Essen five years ago, the new car gets 685 horsepower from a modified biturbo boxer engine. This is a step up of about 35hp from the Rt 12. The new version...
1-2 of 21 Results