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  1. Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hey I've changed my clutch master which didn't fix my problem and now need to change my slave, but I had a hell of a hard time trying to bleed it and getting access to the bleed nipple. I've removed the intake pipe but still can't access the nipple apart from getting under the car, it's...
  2. Exterior & Interior RSX
    SOLD! Thankss CRSX
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    like new. no cracks, scratches , etc. 125$ paypal'd / shipped
  4. Interior Mods RSX
    Does anyone has a access start button kit for sale??
  5. Delray Acura
    didnt know where to post this sorry if wrong subforum. my problem is i can't go into the acuraoemparts website, is it country limited ? (i am outside of the US) thanks in advance
  6. Exterior & Interior EP3
    Hello everyone, I have 4 sets of OEM Honda window visors. If your interested text me at 8326892232 and I can send you pics. $170 shipped. Thanks.
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    If you have one you want to sell, please PM me with shipped price.
  8. Exterior & Interior RSX
    *****SOLD***** BNIB 2005-2006 Type R Fog Light Covers - $35 shipped OBO *****SOLD***** These are just a little bit different than the USDM fog light covers that come on our cars (see pictures below). They aren't as filled in simply to help air flow through the Type R brake ducts. These are...
  9. ECU Tuning RSX
    Hey guys, i have an 03 type s, my buddy just got an 07 si with a Cobb access port, will i be able to use the access port on my type s, or not. my assumption is not only because the newer civics are all computerized. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA! THANK YOU
  10. General RSX Discussion
    Hello all you die hard dc5 guys. like most we want all the neat goodies you can get for our dc5's from japan. i found an 06 honda access catalog of all the factory options givin with the dc5. does anyone have one thats in english? if not i can translate the whole catalog by part number, but it...
  11. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Honda Integra Type R / Acura RSX Honda Access Silver Trim Taken off my Honda Integra DC5 Type R. Not to my taste but in good condition. Looking for sensible offers, will be on the UK eBay as of tomorrow
  12. Part Outs RSX
    I just went through my garage and cleaned out the things I won't be needing anymore. My iTrader feedback score speaks for my reliability as a seller. Autometer Steering Column Gauge Pod - Sold Honda Access Window Visors (Includes all clips) - Sold Prosport Digital Amber Wideband Air/Fuel...
  13. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Please pm me if your selling a set of oem Honda window (door) visors :)
  14. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Brand new in the box still, retail for 500, just want 200 for them Specs General Features: Type: Component Configuration: 3-way Tweeter Type: Inverted Dome Tweeter Material: Aluminum Tweeter Mounting Type: Flush/Surface Mounting Woofer Cone Material: Fiberglass Woofer Surround Material: Butyl...
  15. Exterior & Interior RSX
    i ordered some online and when i received them they were the wrong ones, wrong part # and did not fit.. i dont want to wait another month to get a pair.. preferably BNIB but will consider used if price is right.. lmk:thumbsup:
  16. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Hey what's up, this is my first post EVER. Anyone want to buy these brand new JDM window visors? They're unopened as you can see in the pics. I accidently bought 2 pairs and need to sell one. Price is $185 shipped as long as youre in the states. I'm in San Antonio and would prefer to sell...
  17. Problems & Solutions EP3
    So I really need to bleed my clutch line because my pedal feels very spongey, however I am having a hard time accessing the bleeder nipple on the slave cylinder. I took off my intake but there is still a lot of stuff in the way. Any tips on what is the easiest way to access the slave cylinder?
  18. Texas
    Access Zero 51 Planet Zero Anime Center 11920A Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077 Tel: 281-531-ZERO Date: Saturday, July 24th, 2010 Time: Parking starts at 8PM Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!! Your support is always welcome, please buy drinks, play games and donate towards PZ! THANK YOU!!! Hourly...
  19. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    WTB honda access window visors.. prefer bnib.. but if not let me know the price and how minty it is! ..
  20. Exterior & Interior RSX
    I have a set of brand spanking new JDM Honda Access window visors for the RSX. Will ship anywhere in the lower 48 insured. 160 bucks feel free to pm or email if interested.