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  1. Interior Mods RSX
    Pardon me if there's already a thread about this... but if the SRS light is on due to the seats being removed for the Recaro seats, will your steering wheel airbag still deploy??
  2. ..

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  3. Supercharging RSX
    Hi All Just got back from the shop today had my AIS kit installed with the new tank will post pic's of install. Question though, how do I activate in KPRO I did not copy thread when it was here for weeks. Or can someone tell me how to find the thread. Thanks Larry
  4. Cell Phones
    I have Multiple Micro SD Memory Cards for sale: 16 GB- $17.50 8 GB-$9.50 4 GB- $6.00 2 GB-$3.00 1Gb/256mb/512mb- 2.00/Ea T-Mobile M4G Activation Kits Unused come with $3.34 on them- $6.50 Ea comes $7.50 ill add sim Will Ship regular Mail so lmk what you need. will give multi discount
  5. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Ok, so i finished up my nitrous install (NOS Dry kit) and began finishing up the wiring. I mounted my 3 switches (Nitrous arm / Bottle Heater / Nitrous Purge). All the switches are normal 3 lead (ground / supply / ignition). Also I made a pigtail harness for ignition and ground to lessen the...
  6. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    These instructions are for the 2W900FMR but it may work on other models. press and hold buttons # 1 & 2 for 3 seconds. If you have a siren it will chirp once and your parking lights will flash once. Then press button # 4 seven times (MAKING YOUR LIGHTS FLASH SEVENS TIMES) and wait for a...
  7. ECU Tuning RSX
    quick question .on the nitrous window it says to use B16 PSP for input . when i looked in the help menu for wiring reference it says that B16 is something else LSB .the PSP wire is located in pin E16 . which one am i really suppose to use ????? THANKS- RAFAEL
  8. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    I read that NOS should only be activated at 3000rpm so else it will be dangerous...why is that so??? is it the same for both wet and dry system?? If I am using a 50 hp nos kit,how long can a full 5lb last?? Thanks :)
1-8 of 9 Results