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  1. 2002 Civic SI Ep3 all stock all original clean title 30,000 actual miles 1 owner

    Vehicles For Sale EP3
    I have a 2002 Civic SI Ep3 all stock all original clean title 30,000 actual miles 1 owner got from an inheritance the original owner was 70 years old and passed away I have proof of inheritance and of the obituary. super clean car inside and out asking $14,700 send me a message if you are...
  2. wts:Some Items for sale (will ship to HI, AK or CANADA & WORLDWIDE+actual shipping)

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    wts:Some Items for sale (will ship to HI, AK or CANADA & WORLDWIDE+actual shipping) Something unexpected came up, so I am forced to liquidate my collection. I have the followings for sale only: Payment: Prefer US Money Order w/ signature or Paypal with 3% I will take payment plans on the...
  3. Looking for the actual depo projector

    Lighting EP3
    looking for a pair of projectors that were swapped out for TSX pieces, thought i'd start here since im not actually buying anything, i'll throw $6 for shipping unless you want them back after the modifications. wanna see if i can mod these so we don't have to shell out for tsx projectors. :D
  4. Actual Ram Intake???

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Ive searched and searched and really cant find any input on this so i figured i though this up just to see what you guys thought...... If i did something like this intake setup for a track or street race setup but with an RSX would this mess up my kpro tune or make my car slower or faster or...
  5. how to remove the actual 06 RSX door?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    need help! i want to install a new door on my car!
  6. 2 year old indonesian kid smoking 40 cigarettes a day (actual footage)

    Northern Cali
  7. Finally, an ACTUAL DIY Rear Wiper Delete

    The DIY Garage RSX
    I got tired of sifting through all of the halfway DIY Rear wiper deletes and just got sick of looking so i went at it myself and figured it all out. Here it goes. Tools Needed: 12mm, 10mm, Ratchet, Crescent Wrench. Time. Patience. Step One Open the hatch and look right below the top portion...
  8. actual not equal to theoretical speed in gears

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Why is it that when I redline (7900) the gears in my type-s I don't go the speed that I'm supposed to be going? Based on the tire size and gear ratios, I can hit 88mph in 3rd and 116mph in 4th. But in reality I only hit about 85mph in third and 111 mph in 4th. My tire size is stock with lots of...
  9. WTB: Actual Short Shifter

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    I have the Linkage kit and I dont like it... Lookin to shortin the whole stick not just the throw. So a Buddy club SS would be nice. Call or txt for a quick response -Lam 484-557-4514
  10. free! 02-04 RSX Actual Foglight Template

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    - i got a bunch of copies 02-04 Actual Foglight Template from my old JDM Foglights - Template is FREE! - you just gotta pay the Postage & Paypal fee which is $1.25 - LOCAL PICK-UP AVAILABLE! FREE! - i will send it only via USPS (no TRACKING/CONFIRMATION NUMBER) - they are different the one we...
  11. ROLL CALL: Norcal's User Names and Actual Names!

    Northern Cali
    I find it confusing sometimes looking at user names and remembering who is who:laughing: If everyone would so kindly post their user name and actual name that would be most helpful for people like me. I think there might be some other people out there that would appreciate this too...
  12. is this actual dcrh? HELP!!

    General RSX Discussion is this the actual "race header" or is that just a regular one? what else will i have to buy along with this to install??? is it a good deal???
  13. Removing side mirror? (actual mirror, NOT housing!)

    The DIY Garage RSX
    how do you remove the mirrors from the side mirror housing? Anyone know? :dontknow: Remember, i'm not talking about the side mirror housings themselves, i'm refering to the actual mirror!
  14. Noise w/ actual clutch pedal screaching/sticking noise

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    ok this started to happen the other day, but everytime i push the clutch pedal a little bit you can hear this screaching noise. the sound sounds like when you step on sommething sticky and then u walk around and ur shoes sticks a little bit, thats what it sounds like and thats what it feels...
  15. Actual differences between K20A3 and K20A2/K20Z1?

    General RSX Discussion
    What about the engines are different that make up for a difference 50 hp to the crank? They're both 2 liters, 4 cylinders, so it's not displacement...:dontknow:
  16. K-Pro and actual Knock

    ECU Tuning RSX
    When is a Knock actually a knock? When data logging what number should the display be at to show an actual knock, for example if the knock display shows a knock count of 1.01 is that a knock? I have set up knock graph but Im still unsure of what determines a knock. Also the odd time the engine...
  17. where can i get the actual cwest lip

    Exterior Mods RSX
    where can i get the REAL (no fake bullshit) cwest LIP KIT.. not the body kit, the LIP KIT. please help. thanks in advance
  18. Is this an actual knock or it is caused by engine noise?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    My car is running perfect... yesterday I managed to run a [email protected] However, between 7700 and 8200 rpms I always get 2 or 3 knock counts at WOT. I dont think is a Knock, perhaps a false one (sensore picking up too much engine noise). Here's my datalog. I will appreciate any input on this.
  19. What is the best 3" filter for actual filtering?

    All Motor RSX
    I know not all filters are created equal. I have had a used but cleaned, Injen supplied filter on my car with my intake for about 1000 miles(short ram). I have roughly 3500miles and it came across my mind I could be slowly destroying my engine by letting shit slip through so early on? Am I as...