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  1. New member looking to add to the community

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Back in 2006 I owed my last Honda (so I thought). It was an 06 civic si that I completely riced out and sold. Fast forward to 2015 and I got back on the race scene with a 94 Pontiac trans am that I still own. In the last year I started buying and selling cars and ran into this rsx type s on...
  2. How to add more camber in the rear

    Forum Threads
    I have a 2006 base model rsx and the wheels have too agressive of a lip and it pokes too much. I have the SPC camber arms and they are maxed at -4. I still don't clear the fender. Is there anything I can do to add more camber?
  3. How to remove AEM intake, and add stock airbox???

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey guys, still new to having an RSX but I wanna remove my AEM intake, it sits too low to the ground and I'm scared of it sucking in water when it rains so I want to go stock. Can I just install my OEM intake as is? I bought one off craigslist I think I just need to give it a good clean up and a...
  4. Viper alarm backup battery add on?

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Hello All. I have a Viper alarm with the 1500 2 way communication and I have had for over 2 years. I am satisfied with it but at the time of purchase I wanted a backup battery also added I did add the tilt but the store was outta stock of that part and I didn't want to wait. Now I wish I had...
  5. looking to add fog lights

    Lighting RSX
    Just got my 03 rsx and unfortunately it did not come with fog lights and I would like to add them. Is there already wireing for them or is this somthing that may be a little difficult. Never delt with this delema before.
  6. Garage sale!!

    Exterior & Interior EP3
    50$ rear seat covers w/ headrests 75$ 02 oem headlight 75$ oem cluster 10$ mirror switch 10$ oem drink cup 5$ rear H
  7. How to add light in Mugen read bumper hole

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ive tried to wire it up but it wont work. I tapped the red wire on the outer most bulb and grounded the negative, no luck. Any tips? do I need to ground my negative to the bulb negative in order to complete the circuit?
  8. is it possible to add tsx 6th gear and LSD on k20a3 tranny?

    Transmission EP3
    ok guys i been reading about adding 6th gear on k20a3 tranny will give you better gas mileage and im considering doing it. im just wondering if you can add a LSD while putting 6th gear since the tranny is already open. and if its possible do you need to get a k pro? thanks in advance.
  9. How to tell when I should run bigger exhaust piping

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    My current mods are: AEM V2 Megan Racing Race Header Skunk2 60mm cat-back I'm wanting to upgrade my Skunk2 60mm cat-back to the 70mm piping but with my current mods will that be ok or will I end up losing HP because of the back pressure issue? I have no intentions on a turbo for my whip so...
  10. Can i add heated mirror to my 03 rsx?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    So i woke up early to work today and it was cold out and windows were foggy. So i thought no problem ill turn my defroster on, as soon as did that i realized my side mirrors were fogged up too.:thumbsdow So i had to get out and wipe them off, very inconvenient. So i thought, ive seen other rsx's...
  11. Please add

    K Series Parts
    Can you all please add harness bars, pillarside bar, and stuff light that.
  12. Small Part-Out may add more later

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Just posting up a couple parts I dont need anymore.. 05-06 JDM DC5 Type R Cluster, got it brand new and it reads about 11xxx km now Super MINT $380 JDM Type R centre console with shift boot $180 Swift JDM DC5 Type R FRONT Sway Bar 130% thicker than stock DC5R ones (you need to have DC5R...
  13. Opinons: Should I add a V-Lip?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    After seeing my buddies CF lip get toasted on the freeway, I'm wondering if I should join the mass of people installing V-lips on their RSX lips. Thought I'd poll your opinions on whether I should or not. Usually try to stay with OEM-looking mods, but what do you think. Should I V-lip my...
  14. FS: xbox 360 4gb with add's = $155 + SHIPPING

    Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    i have a xbox for sale that i rarely ever used. asking for $155 +SHIPPING. will come with 2 controllers, xbox360 headset, hdmi cord 6ft, and original video cable.
  15. Want to add an aux-in

    Car Audio & Security EP3
    Sorry if this has been covered before; tried searching but didn't see anything that was exactly what I was looking for... Basically, I just want to add an Aux-in via a 3.5mm jack to play an iPod (or Android phone, or other MP3 player, etc). I know people on this forum have recommended the...
  16. Polished Intake Manifold: Add some engine bling

    The DIY Garage EP3
    Polish your intake manifold and get some engine bling in your life !!! Let me start out by saying that this project is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. This is more than likely not a day project it takes a shitload of time. It is approximately 6-8 hours of sanding. 3-4 hours of polishing. This...
  17. add on gps module

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    currently have a pioneer avh4300 and i love it. only negative is no navigation so i've been thinking about getting the avic-u220 add on. or is it a better idea to upgrade the whole thing to something like the avic-z130 or avic-x930?
  18. North East/Northwest folks(winter time): do you add cais and lower you ride?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Just got a DC5 fully stock...Want to start adding stuff. As a daily driver I want to know in YHO: For those people that get a lot of snow or in Pothole heaven infested cities(this is the only reason i would be in FL..nice clean roads..) you: Add CAI or just stay with a SRI...
  19. new member not a kseries but looking to add some rsx parts

    Canada East
    Hey so I've been a member on here for a while I just don't go on much. I will be going on more tho. My name is Jamie. I'm from chatham area. I have a 2001 Civic. I am a kpro user for the d17. I'm boosted at 5psi for now this is temporary until I finish assembling my built block. Aiming...
  20. Need help with tune - lambda says add more fuel, but already running rich?

    Supercharging RSX
    mods please close, problem solved