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  1. Final garage sale...updated daily...will add more stuff..

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    ok ive made too many for sale threads haha so im just going to keep this one and update it from time to time when i find more shit just finished cleaning the garage and found hella crap here they are....everything is best offer front emblemsjdm badge sold! im guessing the owner over tighten the...
  2. Garage sale....willing to trade for stuff Updated:7-16-09

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    ok ive made too many for sale threads haha so im just going to keep this one and update it from time to time when i find more shit just finished cleaning the garage and found hella crap here they are....everything is best offer front emblems im guessing the owner over tighten the screw 04...
  3. What mods to add next?

    General RSX Discussion
    What's up? I have a 2002 base model 5spd. I have an AEM cai, dc sports headers, & dc sports exhaust. Just tryin to get suggestions on what I should do next. Also keep your doosh bag remarks I don't care about them like get a type s or stupid crap like that. Yes I have a base model & proud of it.
  4. "luxury car" type add ons

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX they have all kinds of cool add ons, auto door locks, alarm beeps, power mirror adjust when put in reverse. just thought i would share
  5. Need your advice please add input

    Wheels & Tires
    Ok I need your guys advice. I have a 2006 RSX Base that only has 12k miles on it. As you would prob guess the car still looks like new. The thing is that I accidentally curbed one of the wheels last weekend. It is not very bad at all but I would really like to keep it looking like new for now...
  6. Any MS Exchange guru's in the house? Can't add holidays to a SHARED calendar

    Computer Tech
    I have a few share calendars, but I'm having problem adding the holidays to these shared calendars. When I tried to do it from Tools, Options, Preferences, Calendar Options, Add Holidays, it adds the US holidays to my personal calendar, rather than the shared calendar. Does anyone know how to...
  7. Add a tally to the stolen ecu board

    DC Metro
    So i left my car outside last night about 10 and got up this morning to find the hood opened battery termainals of wires to the horn cut and my passenger side windown smashed and of course my ecu was gone. They def knew what they were going for and how to do it, im surprised they didnt take...
  8. Slow down, Fantino, traffic fatalities don't add up

    Canada East Jan 09, 2009 Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino must be feeling pretty smug. RELATED STORY: Kenzie explains the numbers After all, since the street racing law went into effect a year ago, more than 7,000 drivers in...
  9. Looking to pickup an External HD and add Firewire ports???

    Computer Tech
    I have a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop with no firewire ports. I am running out of space on the second internal HD I bought so figured I would pickup a 1TB external. From my understanding USB 2.0 HD is going to be painfully slow and I should get one with Firewire connections. I do have an open...
  10. Add keyless unlock Chirp?

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I was looking into making my car a little more classy when it locks and unlocks and was thinking of just buying a soft tone siren chirp used on alarm installs and wire it but I would need to know where to wire it into, if anyone has a pic or a diagram or even an idea that would be great. I was...
  11. Tire add to width/offset?

    Wheels & Tires
    So I'm still debating on whether to get a +43 or +38 for my new rims. My question is: would running a 235 tire on a 8.5 inch be the same as +5mm to the width/offset? Would running a +38 225 tire be the same as running a +43 with a 235 tire? :dontknow:
  12. Add pics in thread?

    General RSX Discussion
    I am trying to add pics to a For Sale add I'm putting on here. How do people make the pic show up without having to click? Thanks
  13. took a few picks last night gona add more later

    Member Show-Off RSX
    leme know what you think just got it back from the shop mods are: k24/k20 Frankenstein build innovative 75a motor mounts aem v2 dc race header tanabe hyper medallion neuspeed sway bars tein flex with edfc wheel specs are 18x8.5 rh pros 1 piece forged new picks added
  14. add clutch locks

    Community Help
    to the store. Im always reading about security issues with cars on this forum. Maybe add a security section (unless I missed it)?
  15. Suggestion: add a "New Stuff" forum

    Community Help
    I think we should add a section for new stuff and parts that come out. People can talk about whats new and the Mods can post up parts and stuff that just recently came out. Itd be a good place to talk about whether new anything is legitimate, works/ doesnt work, if its crap or not, etc. This...
  16. Relationship, 'Fuel % add' to 'HP increase'

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I figure there has to be an equestion to show this relationship (in ideal engine at least) which relates a % increase in fuel, to the approximate % increase in HP, if you assume same afr in both conditions. Anyone have any thoughts? I realize this would be a very rough approximation.
  17. We need to add this smiley. Srsly.

    Community Help
    : oopsie :
  18. Add Random Technology to the store...

    Community Help
    Is there any chance of adding some of Random Technology's products to the store? Specifically, the bolt-in high flow catalytic converter for the RSX-S...
  19. Exterior/Interior mods to add some flavor

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone had some ideas or thoughts on how to add a little flavor to the the rsx. Ive done really all the actual modding to the outside, just want to see if I can change it up inside or outside. I would like to change the guages a different color but anything else...
  20. What else to add to ITR suspension?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I'm currently working on my suspension, decided to go with the JDM ITR springs and shocks rather than the A-Spec suspension. What else would you recommend to add to the list? Possibly adding the ITR sway bars as well. Looking for more handling than the aggressive drop I have now. :thumbsdow