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  1. Added some new Goodies to the M1A (M14)

    The Great Outdoors
    :thumbsup: So Hunting season is coming up and I have been wanting to get a Bipod for my M1A since the day I bought it 2 years ago. For you who know, you cant just go into walmat and get a bipod for this Rifle.. So I finally dropped some money and ordered the parts :woohoo: HARRIS Ultralight...
  2. New G27 will be added to the family

    The Great Outdoors
    I currently own a G23 which I love and will be used for carry duty with my Comp-tac MTAC holster, but I just learned that the $100 discount for LE is also applied to all Military as well. So, in learning that it pushed my decision to pick up a G27. I called Glock directly and confirmed this...
  3. can this be added to the install instructions?

    Community Help
    i thought that this was a really great install guide.. i know that there is one already but this is a lot more applicable because there are pictures and what not.. but if you dont think it is a good idea then no big just /thread this then.. :noes: here is the link for the pdf :thumbsup...
  4. allenrsx2002: BoOsTeD S2000-done and boostin hard- updated- 7-31 Pg 16.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    finally, i have posted some pictures of my car. I know its still a monster truck but progress coilovers have already been ordered, they are just on back order :noes: So far my upgrades include: 225/50/16 falken fk452 (yes i consider tires a modification)-amazing tires btw injen cai soon to be...
  5. added preload?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    so ive searched but could really find a definate answer. so my f2s might be blown because they are not stiff enough now the preload is set right but my question is would it cause any problems if i added more preload to make the springs stiffer? i would like to try something before i take them...
  6. Got hit while riding my bike. Now i have some $$$ (poll added)

    General RSX Discussion
    Got hit while riding my bike. Now i have some $$$ Well i posted a thread in the motorcycle forums in CRSX now the will be giving close 5.5k. Now i dont know what to do as far as .... A) buy a newer bike CBR 954rr ($4,500) B)fix my bike and buy a s13 silvia conversion(estimated repair cost is...
  7. Blue Lip Added *Props to GAME for the Idea*

    Member Show-Off RSX
    So basically I SWEAT games ride and was looking at his new winter look and sawl he had some Blue Tape on his wheels, Couple of my friends around here have done it on their S2000's and STi's So I decided to do it.. Went to PEPBOYS and picked up some PROSTRIPE for like $4.99 no bad.. Tell me what...
  8. Added some mods - Aerocatch, Seibon, Valeo projectors...

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Well I just got the car put back together. I added a Seibon Carbon Fiber hood. I removed the grills that came with it and heat formed some smoked plexiglass to go where the grills were. You can look right through the hood and see the Vtec badge on the valve cover. I also added some Aerocatch...
  9. Just added the BCRH...Bye Bye DC

    All Motor RSX
    hey guys ill keep it short. i put on the bcrh and did a full street tune. i had the dcrh plus ips cams, rbc, i/e. immediatly i felt a huge about of tq and throttle response. during the tune it reacted very well to ignition advance in some areas. everyone knows about this rh by now so i wont go...
  10. new pictures of my prelude. added HKS exhaust clip

    Member Show-Off RSX
    sorry for the crappy quality :( OEV setting on the sony was too low :P HKS exhaust clip: HKS Hi-Power N/A Exhaust w/ custom 2.25" piping. stock cat w/ 1 resonator. still loud as fuck. lol
  11. just added more to my ARC stuff

    JDM Only RSX
    should go nice with my bay: and my splitters sorry im just excited haha thanks for looking :thumbsup:
  12. PIC REQUEST/ P-SHOP +rep will be added 4 help!!

    Wheels & Tires
    OK so i've been dreaming about white wheels, well, white slipstreams or torque's to be exact. i want someone to photoshop a pair of either onto a SSM (or ASM) car PLEASE. and i want peoples honest opinion on how the white/ SSM might look together. any help will be rewarded with mad rep :iptf:
  13. I just added 8GB of ram to my Mac!!!

    Computer Tech
    I just upgraded the mac to 8 gb of ram. I figured lets se ehow the system runs now. I opened up 40 Apps at the same time, trying to see if the system would crash. It didn't it opened all of them like a champ. So it passed test number 1. Now im going to render down a 1 gig movie file, just to...
  14. ADDED the TYPE R spoiler

    Member Show-Off RSX WHAT YOU THINK?
  15. Buddy Club N+ added brake liner bracket

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i just receive my buddy club n+ today and when i talked to some of my friends that has them they said they had to zip tie the brake line or some sort like that but it looks like buddy club n+ added the brake line bracket onto the new n+ design
  16. Added a lil more red to the SSM

    Member Show-Off RSX
    UPDATE: Old Picture set. The Type R rims are sold and new rims are on a ship coming from japan. Can't wait to get them and take pics! finally after a year I took new pictures of the car. Had the annual eibach meet here in So cal and rolled out with my friends. Changed my OEM sides to ITR...
  17. I propose that a new smiley be added!

    Community Help
    I like the dodgy. What it is is a form of sarcasm. It is used to call the guy above you or whoever you're quoting an idiot without saying it outright. It looks like this: I've used it a few times on this forum but I'm tired of having to go to photobucket everytime I want to use it. :dodgy...
  18. couple new jdm mods i just added (pics)

    JDM Only RSX
    NOW WITH LOWERING PICS JSUT A SMAPLE WILL TAKE MORE SOON well here she is i jsut installed the type r lip kit and the jdm headlights lmk what u think adn i also did the diy spray rims did them graphite lmk LOWERED PICS updated with lower pics now [/IMG]
  19. New pulley but no boost added?

    Supercharging RSX
    I had 5PSI then I threw on the 9PSI pulley but Boost is still @ 5PSI. Before you ask..Ya the belt is tight. Im almost thinking Im slipping but I dont have a Laptop so I cant depend on KPro to see if I am or not. Its got the 550JRSC9PSI Calibraion loaded right now. Im almost thinking about...