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  1. Bottom end rebuild advice

    Engine Building & Design
    TLDR; I'm a noob with regards to engine work on a tight budget and found a shitstorm in my oil pan. Which is riskier: leaving the block and head uncleaned and flushing the oil a few times after putting it back toghether, or taking everything apart as a noob and possibly introduce other problems...
  2. Want Some Advice

    Member Show-Off RSX
    **Wouldnt let me post in general discussion** Ok, I recently learned how to drive stick shift on my friends s2000 and instantly fell in love with this idea of cars, specifically Japenese. Since I cant afford an s2k, and its not practical for me to be my DD I decided I was going to look for...
  3. need help and advice with 18x8.5 ET35

    Wheels & Tires
    so i curently have some 17x7 slips on my car with et40 and im looking into getting some new wheels but im kinda debating if i should stay with 17 or move on to 18's the only reason why im considering moving up a size is because they dont make the wheels in 17's so my question is would i be able...
  4. Need some advice

    Auto Talk
    Is this car worth $7200? As it sits the car has 168k. I We test drove it for about 30 minutes today and it shifts smooth. I know that the manuals are considered fairly rare. I've just seen some people talk about how they've sold theirs for like...
  5. Bodywork guys, advice on fixing this..

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys! I'm loving my new (to me) MM Type S! I've been working on cleaning her up and taking care of minor things like some small dents and tiny chips on the hood that are beginning to rust. The front bumper has some small scratches that go through the paint. I'm pretty handy with this stuff...
  6. Wanting to get a touch screen audio system. Advice or recommendations?

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I'm in search of an audio system for my RSX 03 base. What's your set up? I was really interest into getting a pioneer unit but there's a couple of models. All i really want is something to play my iPod or phone on and a built in non-internet required GPS if possible. :wavey:
  7. Need advice

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    My bumper is getting burned from my exhaust so anyone have a solution to fix this?
  8. Need some advice on buying a rsx

    New Member Introduction RSX
    So basically I'm looking at buying a 2003 rsx with 100k miles. I just have some concerns regarding the test drive I took. My first concern is that when I got in the car with the salesman it wouldn't start, it was cranking but didn't turn over. He then hooked up a battery charge kit and it...
  9. Head rebuild advice k20a

    Engine Building & Design
    I have a k20a typeR second cylinder have low pressure.. Is time to do a rebuild I need a advice what kind of spring and valve just I get help...
  10. 02 Type S...Rebuild Time? Need advice!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Thanks in advance for any and all help anyone can give me here... So I bought my 02 Type S with roughly 128k on it a few months ago. Was running great, all was fine, was almost time for first oil change and tune up...then it was running funny. Lack of power, rough idle, and I noticed an...
  11. Advice on yet another potential weekend/project car

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So... I have the chance to buy another 2002 RSX for $2400 tax included. It's Type-S this time, and in driveable condition. Dealer originally wanted $4000 not including tax, with safety and e-test. This is as is. Odometer has 209,846km. It has a short ram Injen intake, but it will need a new...
  12. Looking to purchase some exterior parts. need advice!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Im, looking to order a front and rear bumper for my 05-06 type s. im looking for oem replica style. if anyone has any good reliable websites theyve had good experiences with please let me know. thank you
  13. Advice on buying a higher mileage rsx type s

    Problems & Solutions RSX Hi guys, would you guys know what I'd expect to fix on this car for about the next 60k km or so? This will be my first manuel car in which I'd be selling my 2000 corolla and replacing it with this. Ever since I sat in a 06 type s I was...
  14. Need advice for DRLs

    Lighting RSX
    Hey guys, I've been talking with Cullen (cauQazn) for a while about this, and although his help was much appreciated, we weren't able to find a good solution. So here's the thing. Over a year ago, I bought some retrofitted bi-xenon headlights from Cullen thinking of using the now unused high...
  15. Need advice on new gaming rig

    Computer Tech
    So I've had an itch to build a computer that can handle games on higher settings etc. Mostly this will be a gaming rig, no video editing or anything of that sort. I'm not sure if the $1500 tag is good or not, let me know if there is something better or as good performance wise that might save...
  16. Need some advice on a slight misfire

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Need some help here I have a little misfire that won't go away here's what happened I took off from a light rolled into 1st slammed second then third and went to forth but it ended up going back into second. When I let the clutch out the tach wrapped around I popped the clutch back in real...
  17. Just want some advice and answers

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have an Acura rsx 03 base model I bought, it has a full 06 type s conversion (when I bought it), engine and body wise, I have a few problems which I wanted to know if they could be associated with the conversion, I have an idle problem once the car is warmed up the idle drops from 1000 Rpms to...
  18. need advice, 18x7.5 +45

    Wheels & Tires EP3
    Ok, so I hAve stumbled across the new Cr-z HPD enkei wheels and I really like how they look, only issue I have wIth them is the fact they come in 18x7.5 +45, I have yet to see another wheel similar to this by a reputable company. My question is if I was to get them and have a 215/40 tire on them...
  19. Need advice on Turbo install.

    Southern Cali
    Ive owned an 05 RSX-s for about 6 years and am ready to go with forced induction. What turbos can I get that are CARB legal and any recommendations on where to get it installed and tuned in the 909 area? Brandon
  20. Need Advice

    Canada East
    Hey, I just bought a silver 2004 Acura RSX base from our neighbor`s co-worker. It does need some love, but it's in pretty good shape. 5 speed manual, 197000km for what I think is a steal at 2500$. Few questions I have, -The lights are very yellow, should I wetsand them or buy new ones, also...