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  1. Finally Walkin the 1st trackday(10/13 AFTERMATH Update)

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Went to my first track day yesterday w/ Raceline USA @ Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Had the time of my life at the track. I think people should go at least once or even just go to watch and ride a long with friends cause that alone will teach you so much. My best time of the day was 2:16.872...
  2. ***Japan Relief Gathering Car Show and Aftermath***

    Northern Cali
    Sunday April 3rd, 2011 Japan Relief Gathering car show and meet at Red's Java House at Pier 30 in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Show your car for a cause! Lets gather together to show support and help raise money to help Japan's relief efforts. Come for a day of fun, music, cars...
  3. Bay Area BBQ/Cruise Annual Summer Meet And Aftermath

    Northern Cali
    What: BBQ, Car Meet, and Cruise When: July 24, 2010 Where: San Francisco Treasure Island Why: Cuz we hyphy like that !!! Time: 12pm - 4pm Cruise: 4pm - Whenever Rules of The Meet: - No Burn Outs - No Drama - No Revving - No DUMB SHIT Attending: 1. Angelo (utensils - forks spoons + napkins +...
  4. RBC aftermath..

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    After it was installed everything was fine except for the intake system. I used a injen elbow with a injen mega ram short ram intake... Shouldnt there be not clearance problems?? My intake wants to go way over to the motor if i fit it on the way its suppose to fit.. Any help? Searched first as...
  5. ~~**yosemite meet aftermath thread**~~

    Northern Cali
    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT. melvin and i got some nice pics while we were sitting there. it was great seeing everyone again and meeting the new people. sorry for my car a pain in the ass but yeah im home and begin a tear down soon. ANYWAYS LETS SEE THOSE PICS!:thumbsup::thumbsup: o yeah...
  6. TI Meet aftermath: Pictures Thread.

    Northern Cali
    Post it. My car and chicks first. Don't know why I'd have the flash on, pictures ruined. Below: HAMP (Honda After-Market Parts) oil filters Below: First time modeling, didn't know how to pose. I had to tell her where to...
  7. New Battery Aftermath

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just changed my battery, and now my call stalls when I come to a stop. It was idling perfectly fine, before the battery change. Any ideas why?
  8. 1.25.09 / Eibach Meet & Aftermath pics

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Pictures aren't too great, and they're kinda boring imo, but w/e. lol. all pics taken with Nikon D300 and 17-55mm f/2.8 I guess i'll start with the aftermath photoshoot: *Dust bunnies ftmfl*
  9. Rear sway aftermath

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Just installed KazeSpec's Comptech rsb over the weekend. Everything feels fine, but the rear suspension is noticeably noisier after installation. More clunk hitting bumps/cracks in the road. Normal/not? It is stiffer after all. I'm still a novice install guy, so I'm always questioning...
  10. aftermath of 10k rpms + haha blown motor pics

    Member Show-Off RSX
    hey guys some of you know a few weeks ago my motor blew, here are some of the pics of the block which is demolished. just waiting for the new z1 to get in. :thumbsup: there is a hole on each side of the block btw lol shrapnal from the block lol one of the two holes on each side of the block...
  11. Show your pain! Crashed/Stolen RSX thread! Post em up!

    General RSX Discussion
    well to make a long story short, i went to Barnes&Nobles last night to pick up the new soldier of furtune magazine but wound up getting Combat Arms(took me forever to find) and "To Be a US Army Ranger" book. well on my way home i had to merge Right and theres a gas station at the corner to get...
  12. Zee's sidemarkers aftermath

    JDM Only RSX
  13. accident aftermath

    Auto X & Road Racing
    i crashed my car about 4 months back taking a turn (reg turn in the hway, nothing like 90deg) going about 110. yah, stupid. anyways, i remember that feeling of OMG, as i turned and thought if my car was going to hold it. then i felt my car begin to lose traction and i spun and hit the hway...
  14. Lease aftermath

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Since i am leasing a car how much modifications can i make to it? Will i be able to add stuff to it and take it away later when the lease is up?