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  1. Auto Talk
    Galpin Auto Sports recently kicked off a collaboration with the United States Air Force. They created two customized vehicles for the 2009 Super Car Tour – a new U.S. Air Force recruiting initiative that kicked off just last month. The white Ford Mustang ‘X-1’ and black Dodge Challenger...
  2. Exterior Mods RSX
    ?!? somewhere in canada would be preffered, but it doesnt matter.... anyone?
  3. Exterior Mods RSX
    :thumbsup: If you guys haven't already seen it check out and go to the "Airforce 1 RSX kit"'s bad ass! Do any of you guys know what the fit and finish on this kit is like? For only $800 it is either a steal...or you get what you pay for (crap) deal. It's my...
  4. Exterior Mods RSX
    here is another view....go to to see more pics.
1-5 of 9 Results