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  1. Texas
    Looking for a nice apartment, prolly a 1 bed one - but must have a garage. Hows the one your staying at? Would you recommend it? How safe is it, Hows parking and the people who live there. Cost? etc. Southwest Area would be ideal but will consider other locations. thanks!
  2. Car Care RSX
    it seems like there's a lot of you who still live at home or live in a house. i'm jealous cause i live in a apartment. for the people out there who live in apartments, what steps do you take to care for your car? whether it's just washing and/or detailing. have you developed a paitence for...
  3. Car Care RSX
    Homer appears to be one of those rare breeds of people who are genuinley helpful and super knowledgeable. Is it me, or does this guy hang out here just to help us car care morons!? I wish he was a sex therapist or career counselor... Homer, please mail your much talked about manual...
1-3 of 3 Results