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  1. Supercharging RSX
    Anybody ran Aquamist water/meth system before? I heard they're the best out there. Seems like everybody on here is getting the Snow Performance kit. The only reason why I'm considering the Aquamist kit is because my local shop sponsor can get it same day if I so choose and at a good price...
  2. Turbo RSX
    i think this will be the solution if you want to push extra boost on you rsx.. SYSTEM 1S (Retail: $552.00) ¤ 120 psi (8.2 bars) water injection pump in an anodized gun-metal grey finish ¤ Three atomizing jets (.5 mm, 150cc/m @5 bars) (.6mm, 180cc/m @ 4.5 bars) (.7mm, 200cc/m @ 4bars) ¤...
1-2 of 2 Results