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    Selling my hardly used MXR Custom Bad Ass distortion because i have a ton of distortion pedals and I need the extra cash its in mint condition used but in almost new condition here are pictures Selling for $50 I am in SoCal Untitled by LizardK1ng909, on Flickr
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    The secrets out, bigmac ass pictures to follow. :feel:
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    :chuck: Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,856 User Name Posts JUANonJUAN 271 MITeggy17 155 Turpid Porpoise 144 nineteendc5 136 Koreo 129 BlK TyPe R 107 Rmenjoi33 104 ksL 100 dabster 93 BigWorm85 89 Xander 75 iBoost 62 monjarassi 50 Froski 42 WooTIHaveATypeS 33 Htownxjoey 24 prxr88 24 marsman328 22...
  5. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
  6. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    so my heater wont work and yes i already check the coolant, its not the thermostat cause im not overheating so i guess it all points to the heater core. saw them on ebay but if anyone local got one let me know ASAP. THANKS
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    does anyone know who this car belongs to? i want to see more, makes me too wet.:flush::flush::schwing::schwing:
  8. General RSX Discussion
    Recently I crashed my car on a canyon and the damage was to the back bumper and right tail light, right side skirt and fenders, front bumper, and the back right wheel was a little pushed in but overall still driveable. (All aftermarket) The guy who came out to inspect the car told me that my car...
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    Mini Progress PICKED UP A SUBARU WRX APR WING FOR HELLA CHEAP ! WHY NOT BUY the pearls Last years look How I Got Her - Pretty Much Stock - Lowering Springs.
  10. Computer Stuff
    LAPTOP SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE THREAD! This unit is priced accordingly; Upgraded additional hard drive is currently $150 ( and it has 2...The RAM was about $100 (
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    New thread. :troll:
  12. Canada East
    New fresh thread bitches. ANyone still banned?
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    JDM as Fuck!! How it looked when I picked it up After I fixed it up and made it look better
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    hey guys so i sold my rsx like 5 months ago and miss it aton but i wanted to try something else out.. i ended up snagging this 1989 nissan 240sx. it has a s15 silvia front end, sr20, over fenders, and a bunch of other goodies.. i bought it from arizona so its completely rust free and the goal is...
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    so here we go just bought this 04 rsx type s 130 thousand miles 2 owner car guy paid 17 grand2 yearsago crazy... hit a curb when drinkin didnt report car so i have a clean title unolested rsxthecleanest ive ever seen evengot orignal vin cards from acura so yea i made out. heres a couple of pics...
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    eh here we go... not pleased with the title but whatever... Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,856 User Name Posts itskien 320 BadAndy 306 Seth1784 290 jaguer8 189 Gokumono 169 Nguyen 150 suhailtheboss 123 user_unlisted 113 Spoolin4Door 78 ThePersianOne 40 -Wingman- 34 RSX-Served 21 DC5KC 10...
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    PantaletteDropper | Ivtec Integ | HellaSausage Party | Ass North & Face South | PWP Had the chance to practice shooting a friend's car, Ivtec integ's rsx Simply one of the cleanest setups around here :) C&C welcomed :D Jerick's DC5 by mendmyacoustic, on Flickr AssShots by mendmyacoustic...
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    :) Ohio Clubrsx Meet Roll Call: 1. nbpk20z 2. JR1de57 3. Koreo 4. DC5nv 5. yoon (hates red painted calipers) 6.jc_02kpwd 7. 06RawRsx (with a 05-06 aspec front lip for sale)
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    Leave the cry baby bitch ass bullshit at the door.