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  1. ATTN MODS!! Why eye has knoo moar post permissions?

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Okay so I'm not a new memeber but it seems that I no longer have permission to post in the general discussions section... WHY DHIS IZ SO??!? IM CONFOOZLES!!! AAHHHH NOOOO NHHOOO AHHHHH!!AAAA! FIX DHIS NHAOWWWW QQ! No but serioisly mods please give me permission to post again in every section of...
  2. Attn: Admin

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Tapatalk is not working. It says either you are restricting access or the plugin is not working. What's the deal? Been down for months now.
  3. ATTN: All SOCAL members. Need your HELP!!!

    Southern Cali
    My baby girl is in the Gerber Photo Contest and I need all you members to vote for her. You can vote for her once a day, everyday. If she wins, she will get a college scholarship and other stuff. My daughter is worthy of this chance and I am asking for you help. Please login to your...
  4. Attn: Nathan

    General RSX Discussion
    Not really sure where to put this thread but a guy named nathan(not going to say last name in case he doesnt want his name on the internet) bought a set of fogs from me, ppd the money i shipped out everything went fine a couple weeks ago i got the package back saying return to sender, stating...
  5. Attn: marcster

    Canada East
    Join Facebook. kthxbye. Love, nitram btw no homo.
  6. Attn. Typeflex SCAMMER!

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    Sent $230 three weeks ago for a RSX 2002-2004 trunk and still havent recieved it or a tracking number! This is coming from the guy who states in EVERYONE of his for sale threads: I ship out SAME day I receive cleared paypal payment, provide my buyer with an EXACT copy of my license, and send...
  7. Attn: Dallas members...garage sale soon and parts will be included

    Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hey everyone, mainly my dallas folk who might be interested in hitting me up soon for a garage sale in Garland, which is a little outside of Dallas...I will have the normal garage sale things to put up but amongst those things will be several rsx parts that I have laying around. If intersted and...
  8. attn: cali folks

    Southern Cali
    I am going to be coming to Redondo Beach to visit California for the first time. Next week around weds or so Driving from Phoenix. I want to check out the beach and 6 Flags. I'll be bringing my awesome Base for gas mileage lol. anyone in that area?
  9. Attn: Stolen ccw classics!!

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    My buddies CCW Classics (Race version) fully polished were stolen OFF his car last night in the Dallas, Texas area. 17x9, 17x8.5 Everyone please be on the look out if any pop up for sale!!! It was in the Plano/Dallas,Texas area. I will post more info about it when I hear...
  10. Attn: Stolen ccw classics!! DFW area

    My buddies CCW Classics (Race version) fully polished were stolen OFF his car last night in the Plano area...17x9, 17x8.5 Everyone please be on the look out!!! I will post more info about it when I hear...
  11. ****ATTN ALL VBP's In the ATL area****

    The Great State of Georgia
    aznvtek has requested that if any VBP's are free today, Sunday, September 5, 2010 please come out for an all VBP photoshoot. It will be after 5PM today. I do not have any info on the whereabouts it will be located at just yet, BUT I do know that we already have 6 VBP's but he wants MOAR...
  12. ATTN: Projector Retrofitters - Philips Ballasts For Sale

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Selling a pair of ballasts, they are OEM D2S Philips Model LVQ-212 L300. These are common among the retrofitters and I no longer need them. They are in good condition and in perfect working order. Always fired up and never had any problems with them. Cleaning out the garage, I haven't used...
  13. Attn: Track Junkies/Road Racers (Hot Lap timer/Simpson SFI gloves)

    Part Outs RSX
    First up is my "Hot Lap" lap timer. This timer functions via infrared beacon, so the reciever must be mounted looking out a window(ie: on the rear leg of a roll bar) or similar. I have seen people mount them to the side mirrors as well. This is the reciever and in-car display only... No...
  14. ATTN:LONG ISLAND CRSX/S2KI/LISC/B20/8TH Callahhan Beach meet POSSIBLY 2011!

    North East
    THERE IS A POSSIBILITY FOR A 2011 EVENT This should not be a problem as long as everyone acts maturely. IN THE UNLIKELY SITUATION THAT WE GET KICKED OUT WE WILL ALL GO TO DAVE AND BUSTERS IN FARMINGDALE. Rules: 1. don't do stupid shit in the parking lot, it WILL get us kicked out, this...
  15. Attn: Mods

    Mid Atlantic For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I'm keeping the lip kit, please delete, Kthnxbye.
  16. AttN: NYC/NJ/Long Island, meet 300,000 SQ ft warehouse RESCHEDULED, LINK INSIDE

    North East NEW THREAD LINK! UPDATE: NEW LOCATION FOUND, CLICK LINK FOR INFO! Hey everyone a friend of mine has access to a HUGE warehouse in Nassau county for the time being while his families company is doing renovations on it, it is secluded but...
  17. attn: pioneer f,x-series and any other ipod unit with composite cable

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    if you are having a strange issue with your speakers going out and fading back in, or one side going out, then the other, or even having the headligth switch turn the speakers back on, heres the deal. the pioneer ipod a/v composite cable is garbage. for the longest time i was unhappy with the...
  18. Attn Frank (and Porsche fans):

    Auto Talk
    Ferdinand Porsche or an Unknown Jew? New book documents the father of the Volkswagen Beetle This is important for 2 reasons: 1. Heritage 2. :rotfl:
  19. Attn FL owners

    Florida Sorry to cross post guys, forgive me, I just wanted to make sure you FL guys see this. I know if a thread isnt on "new posts" or in the sections I lurk I'll never see it so I wanted to reach out to those who surf like me. If its...
  20. ATTN: 05 BLUE RSX i met at nextmod opener last sunday

    Canada East
    Hi there, I just remember u were asian with auto 05 ABP(blue) rsx with enkei RSV rims and high wing. I dont even remember your name. anyone know a way to contact him, please let me know Please contact me back if you read this yourself thanks! Henry