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  1. Acura ILX vs. Audi A3

    General RSX Discussion
    It's the Acura ILX vs. Audi A3 in this entertaining car comparison.
  2. MN *Chat* RSX' Miatas, Rangers, and Audis oh my!

    Mid West
    Kevybro___478 Ransom___394 sinzdc5_ __ 246 korney____ 206 jamesl85__179 DC5nv______118 MITeggy17____97 Sage0021____ 62 Dad_________19 itskien_______12 overlap king___10 ashinsky______ 8 ekhonda87____ 4 Fuccboi_______ 2 :weeeeeeeeee: Let our shenanigans continue now and fo-eva :weeeeeeeeee:
  3. Major's S4 Audi Wagon Build Thread ••8/8 H&R Wanderlust Cruise••

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Goodbye my beloved Ep3 into the garage you go for now. Hello S4 :giggity: k20a2 261 / 193tq @5PSI Mods: Last pictures taken of the EP3 I now daily my 2005 B6 S4 Avant. I have a lot in store for this wagon :shady: V8 4.2L 403hp / 354tq Mods: LED Lights Seat Cupra Front Lip...
  4. KC Trends Car Meet, new photo's 7/13/14!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    All photos with the Gas Guzzler Photography logo are by my friend Justin and are his pictures. He was kind enough to supply a few. I'm just a noob with a camera. For all pout of state and in state locals, KC Trends is a business in Overland Park, Kansas who hold car meets on their business...
  5. 2006 Acura RSX Type-S VS 07 Audi A3 2.0T

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX Check out my video! Happy to b an RSX owner :)
  6. 2006 Acura RSX Type-S VS Audi A3

    Member Show-Off RSX just a quick fun video.
  7. Audi LED light strip

    Lighting RSX
    Sorry if someone already posted this. Tried searching but nothing came up. Anyways, I'm starting to see a lot of cars out there with this Audi/Lexus/Merc on their headlight or below it. Even the new Accord have it. Was thinking of putting this on the RSX? Rice? tacky? I don't think it would...
  8. 911C4S and Audi A6 Corrected and Opti-Coated by Greg Gellas

    Car Care Showoff RSX
    I had two friends contact me for Opti-Coat application, one a new 911C4S, the other car was a 2012 Audi A6. They would be dropping off both cars on a Thursday evening and picking them up on Saturday, needless to say not tons of time. Both were going to get a 1 step polish then the Opti-Coat...
  9. 2012 Audi S6 detailed by Sully's Detailing of South Florida

    Car Care Showoff RSX
    Audizine Forum member sciblades contacted me because his vehicle hasn't been detailed in a while and he wanted it to look brand new. So after discussing various options we decided to go with a full paint correction and full interior detail. Products Used: Sully's Detailing Supply Auto Bathe...
  10. New Audi S6 coated with 22PLE by Greg Gellas

    Car Care Showoff RSX
    After being contacted to do a new S6 for 22PLE and a 1 step correction, we finally got a mutual date with Lee Berbs, the gentleman who installs all the clear bra for my clients. Using Xpel Ultimate and having many years experience, I wouldn't use someone who does lesser work than I do, he is a...
  11. FS: My 2000 Audi A6(Biturbo V6)

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Hi guys. Check the Kijiji ad. Let me know if any of you are interested and we'll try to arrange something! Selling because I need the $$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. wrecked my type s stuck in an audi

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    as you can tell this is a problem a big problem and i dont want to go some audi form i will have a type s again in the mean time ima get into a 2001 audi s4 2.7tt whats your thoughts about what to do
  13. 2013 CR reports reliability, Ford/Hyundai fall hard, Audi way up

    Auto Talk Rank (last year), Brand, Best model, Worst model 1. (same) Scion, xB, xD* 2. (+4) Toyota, Sienna (AWD), Prius C* 3. (-1) Lexus, GX, CT 200h 4. (same) Mazda, Mazda3 (Skyactiv)*, CX-5* 5...
  14. 2001 audi TT 59k miles

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Posting this up for a buddy so text the number attached to the CL add with any questions.
  15. ---sold---

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    --------------------------everythings gone :rotfl: ---------------------------------------
  16. Selling Audi s4 twin turbo

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    selling to buy a rsx type-s :) location : Massachusetts, springfield
  17. Looking for a forum for Audi

    Auto Talk
    Anybody know similar forums like CRSX or HT but for Audi and possibly BMW forum? thanks
  18. please delete

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    please delete
  19. Sold

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    02-04 color modded Audi Valeo Projector retrofit headlamps: -Projectors are Valeo clear lens with color mod, vertical and horizontal adjustable. -4300K OEM osram/philips bulbs (4300 is the brightest HID...
  20. Audi s4 b5..upgrade?

    Auto Talk
    Hey fellas thinking of trading my rsx for a b5 s4.. prolly just a straight trade.. anyone own one? How did you like/hate it?