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  1. Auto Talk
    Hey guys, I was wondering if u can use dish washer soap in this since that is what I normally wash my car with and since I'm out of the Mr. Clean soap. I don't want to waste $8 on the mr. clean brand soap if dish washing soap is the same thing. Anyone with xp doing this or just anyone in...
  2. Car Care RSX
    Has anyone used the Mr Clean Autodry with Mother's Soap? I didn't want to spend 5 bux on that small bottle so I bought a big bottle of mother's gold class car wash for 8bux. I used the soap in a separate bucket and just used the water filter and was pretty happy with the way it came out. Has...
  3. Car Care RSX
    okay so like heres my review.. This thing is a must have for people who always like to have their car clean. but hate spending so much time to get it that clean. heres how you work it. you first install the filter and soap into the auto-dry sprayer. the sprayer has 3 settings: Regular Water...
  4. Car Care RSX
    Anybody tried this? putting other soap in the soap chamber? It says that using other soap will clog it up, but maybe it's just a plot to get you to buy more of their products...I still want to use my NXT carwash, cuz that green soap that came with the starter kit looks fake and cheap. :nervous:
  5. Car Care RSX
    the filter, it says to replace once the viewing area turns completely brown. Well, my new unused filter is brown, or at least a dark purpulish, greyish brown. was your filter like this too. thx
  6. Car Care RSX
    Got the Autodry for $15 after $5 coupon. Here is what I think: Pros: I do like the fact you don't have to carry a bucket around, making the washing process somewhat easier. If you follow the direction, the water does sheet away and after about 20 minutes, the car is pretty much all dry...
  7. Car Care RSX
    After seeing that there was no one willing to be a guinee pig for the Mr. Clean Autodry in the other threads, I decided to go out on my own and give this thing a shot. Contents The box comes with Mr. Clean Autodry hose attatchment, 1 starter filter (3 uses) , and 1 bottle of starter car wash...
  8. Car Care RSX
    Saw an ad for this on TV, not available in stores yet but you can purchase it on the internet. Seems pretty cool, might have to give it a try....
1-8 of 8 Results