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  1. 2003 Acura Rsx Base Automatic throwing Code P0134

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have 2003 Acura RSX Base Automatic (USA) model. My car was throwing OBD code P0420 which indicated inefficiency with Catalytic Converter. I decided to change it along with both O2 sensors. I purchased following upstream sensor for my car which is: Denso Air-Fuel Ratio Sensor 4 Wire, Direct...
  2. 2005 -2006 Automatic Transmission Issues

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I've tried searching for a solution to some problems but no luck...was hoping someone could help out. A. So lately my key gets stuck and will out release I unless move the car forward and reverse a few times...if lucky only once. B. When I move from "P" to "D" or any other position, I hear...
  3. I'm new here and in need of help starting 03 RSX base automatic

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello everyone, I'm stuck at the beach since last night when I tried putting in a kill switch, using tutorials I'd found online. Novice at best with electronics and automobiles, but I learn quick and can listen to direction. I cut the wrong black/ yellow(IG1) wire coming out of main relay trying...
  4. Sports shift on automatic Acura rsx

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi, how do you guys use the sports shift on the Acura rsx and any tips on downshifting?
  5. 2004 RSX base automatic

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi everyone. I am Tahari and I am new to this. I have this 2004 RSX for 7 years now with 216K miles. It is very reliable, clean exterior and interior, and no leaks. One thing I didn't like about it is the brakes. It takes too long to stop. I replaced all 4 rotors and new pads including 4...
  6. How would I go about Turboing JDM DC5 type s automatic

    Turbo RSX
    I want to turbo a JDM Automatic dc5 type S 2005, but don’t know where to start. i know I’d have to do something with the tranny but I have no idea what. And also do I need a tuned ECU and if so where would I find one for this car (I can find base model RSX ecu with ktuner but they’re all USDM...
  7. New Zealand Automatic Type S ECU? Ktuner

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Does the NZDM DC5 automatic Type S (05-06) use the same ECU as the American RSX type S (which only comes in manual), or the same ECU as the American base model RSX (which comes in manual and auto). I also don’t know if the New Zealand type s is a k20a2 or k20a3
  8. 05 automatic wont drive or reverse

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    car started fine this morning, hit reverse to pull out from parking spot slowly, fine. WHen i changed to drive i felt a big jolt. drove off fine for about 7miles. started to sputter a bit then it got worse. now it wont go past 10/15mph in drive or reverse. When I hit the gas it just revs up, but...
  9. Automatic transmission

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Just bought a mishimoto trans fluid cooler, does anyone know which hose flows in the trans and which flows out of the trans so I know which direction to face the cooler, I figured it would be smarter to put the trans fluid out of trans line on top and trans fluid into trans on bottom because of...
  10. K20A2 head swap, automatic, new ECU?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Looking to do a head swap on my 06 Acura RSX Base. I heard that the K20A2 head will bolt right on to the K20A3 but the ECU will need to be changed. My RSX is automatic and I'm wondering if a Type-S ECU will work. Also, would it be better to run a K-Pro ECU rather than a Type-S ECU? Thanks!
  11. base automatic turbo makes 335 whp / 282 tq

    Turbo RSX
  12. Anyone see this? 335 whp / 282 tq AUTOMATIC rsx

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
  13. Automatic Transmission Accident

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    First things first, I have an automatic 03 base rsx. One day I was driving and switching between manual mode and automatic mode. Long story short, I was stopped at a red light waiting for the green light so that I can turn left. When it did turn green I stepped on the gas to proceed, I thought I...
  14. VA: RSX 02 Base Automatic 91K miles $5800

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Clean title. Low miles! Mostly garaged. Very well-maintained. No smokers, no pets, no messy kids, and no in-car eating or drinking. New tires, front brake pads, etc. Full maintenance records. I've taken care of every niggling Acura issue that's come up. This car should go for a very long time...
  15. Stock 05 automatic base intake questions

    All Motor RSX
    Plan on boosting my 05 automatic base model w a new intake and exhaust... my question is what should i NOT get for an intake? Are cold airs a bad idea since its auto? Stick with short ram? I’m not looking for the fastest car, just a little boost while keeping the longevity. Thanks Sent from my...
  16. RSX BASE 2002 AutoMatic Help with K-Pro + Greddy Turbo

    Turbo RSX
    Hi everyone, I know your going to trash talk to the Automatic please do so, but I bought a Greddy Turbo system (used) and want to get this installed. The only problem is that I need K-Pro to make the shit work and K-Pro is used for Manuel Transmissions only. I know there is a way to convert it...
  17. Acura RLX Gets Fresh Looks, New 10-Speed Automatic for 2018

    General RSX Discussion
    Read more about Acura RLX Gets Fresh Looks, New 10-Speed Automatic for 2018 at
  18. Automatic Shifter Won't Unlock

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    That's problem number one. I have to stick something into that little slot to get it to go into Drive every time. Also, the steering wheel never locks when I put it in park. Cruise control stopped working entirely, I can't even turn it on. And to cap it all off, the alarm has started going off...
  19. RSX Automatic Transmission Reliability ?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I'm planning to get an Acura RSX Base Model Automatic. For those of you with an Automatic Tranny, have you guys noticed any issues with the Tranny ?? Any feedback would be nice! thanks
  20. My 2002 Rsx Automatic

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi guys, Purchased a used RSX. Fun to drive but some odd problems... Today there is a beep beep noise every few minutes when driving. Here is a YouTube clip recording of the sound: I will pull my battery today and see if it resets itself, but any help would be...