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  1. Kay_Animation DC5 | Auto-X & Daily Balance Built

    Member Show-Off RSX
    2 Years ago a 2005 Type-S was purchased after driving 3.5 hours from DC to NJ as I had to find the perfect VBP for me. This was the car I was going to leave alone and keep stock... but that didn't happen. I have to find the purchase pictures later. Build Purpose: Auto-X Daily Driven Balance (I...
  2. AutoX suspension set-ups, please input and advice

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    I am thinking of switching up my suspension this summer and I've always looked at the A-spec but I haven't heard much of people AutoXing with it. Or trying different springs rates with them? And how would these compare to if I got some custom D2's? Some people don't like D2's but they are made...
  3. EP3 AutoX Thread

    Auto X & Road Racing EP3
    Was just thinking about this the other day - I believe this car is in HS, where the Mini Cooper dominates (I've got one) - but, why doesn't this car stack up? Everything about its specs seems legit - good amount of torque, a little on the heavy side, but otherwise it should be as good, no? Few...
  4. New York 2014 NYR SCCA Autocross Schedule (LI, NY)

    East Coast EP3
    We're back! Spring is 'round the corner and our season starts soon. All events are in Lot 8 or 6, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. Rain or Shine. Saturday April 19 - Points #1 Saturday May 11 - Points # Saturday May 31 SCCA StartingLine School Sunday June 1 - Points #3 Sunday June 22...
  5. My taffe 03 ep3

    Member Show-Off EP3
  6. 02-04 Type S Ride Height for AutoX

    Auto X & Road Racing
    So after much searching, it seems there wasn't really a clear cut on what the best ride height for the RSX-S or what the actual stock ride height was. I found a couple threads stating that 15 inches from top of the fender well to the center of the wheel hub all around was the actual stock ride...
  7. Went AutoX now car is acting up...

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I went to the last SCCA SOLO for the year at Qualcomm yesterday in the lovely rain. And everybody got 4 runs, my first run was slow but no issues, second run i could pass 6000 RPMs, figured I was spinning since there were no lights indicating any problems, and on my third run (which ended up...
  8. Beginner AutoX

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Im starting to get into autocross. found out that there are several meets at a town about an hour and a half away from where i live. im wanting to start doing suspension upgrades and have been looking at strut tower bars and other pieces. does anybody have pictures of a C-pillar bar installed in...
  9. Autox; RA1 psi & caster setting?

    Auto X & Road Racing
    I'm thinking about starting at cold 36psi front to start with. Watcha think? I have a laser thermometer and water sprayer for the tires. EP is a dd and would like to leave front camber at approximately -2.5 to -2.7. Caster is more adjustable with caster plates. Suggestions? EP is pretty light...
  10. Combination DD/light autox setup

    Wheels & Tires
    I'm thinking about getting into autocross since there is a track near me. Not really to compete, because I don't really have the money or time to be serious about it, but instead to just improve my own personal times and build driving skill. The thing is, my RSX is also my DD. Right now I'm...
  11. Next CDC Autox ($10 discount 2nd slot) SUNday 6/16/13 James Wood HS Winchester, VA

    Mid Atlantic
    SUNday June 16th Autocross (Father's Day) James Woods HS in Winchester, VA is the location of the next Capital Driving Club autocross on SUNday June 16th (Father's Day). Registration and tech inspection will be at 8:15 (giving you 15 extra minutes) and will promptly close at 8:45 to try to...
  12. What class does this put me into?? AUTOX

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Just bought a track built car so I don't know much details about the car unless the seller mentioned it. I am still a beginner and I just want to have fun. The least thing I want to hear is that I am in the wrong class and that I am trying to cheat. So with the mod description below, which...
  13. 2013 NYR SCCA AutoX Schedule (LI, NY)

    North East
    We're back! and our season starts soon. All events are in Lot 6 or 8, Nassau Colesium, Uniondale, NY. Rain or Shine. Saturday March 30 limit 55 drivers Sunday April 7 Saturday May 11 Sunday May 12 Saturday June 15 - Evolution Performance Phase 1 Driving School & SCCA StartingLine...
  14. Best RSX-S Wheel and Tire Size for Auto-X and Entry Road Racing

    Auto X & Road Racing
    I avoided asking this question till searching but can't find anything I know is reliable. What is the best RSX-S (2005 year if it matters) wheel and tire combination taking the following requirements: - Must NOT require body modifications (Rolling/pulling fender, camber kit, control arm...
  15. Anyone participating in SCCA autox at Marina Airport This Saturday?

    Northern Cali
    I'll be out there running for cones and turning a few laps this Saturday at SFR SCCA autox. Curious if there are other ClubRSXers that will be autox-ing their cars. Derek
  16. Limp mode during auto-x run, twice!!

    Auto X & Road Racing EP3
    I had my car go into limp mode on two auto-x runs out of 4 total. Happened once also during an auto-x a few weeks ago. I didn't have my code reader there with me, so I'm not sure what was causing it because i cleared it by disconnecting the battery. I'm not able to replicate the issue during...
  17. Auto-x Set Up

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    So my current set up is about a 1.5 Inch drop on 8k/10k springs and a 24mm (hard setting) whiteline rear sway using Star Specs. Ive been trying to really fine tune the car to actually rotate. I get some oversteer on occasion but in most Auto-x courses I just cant get it to rotate like I want it...
  18. FS: AutoX / Track Helmet HJC AR-10 (White)

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Selling my helmet! Got it as a gift, but I don't really need it.
  19. Next CDC Autox Saturday July 14th Hylton HS Woodbirdge, Va

    Mid Atlantic
    Saturday July 14th Autocross Hylton HS in Woodbridge, VA is the location of the next Capital Driving Club autocross on Saturday July 14th. Registration and tech inspection will be at 8:15 (giving you 15 extra minutes) and will promptly close at 8:45 to try to accommodate the full field...
  20. GoPro AutoX Today

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Just fresh off of AutoX today - got my (worst) run captured - I love the angle. We had a good course today too. Also, I have some rubbing going on i guess...