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  1. DC Metro
    So I was wondering if there anyone is participating in the upcoming April 13 scca auto cross event at fed ex field?? Or If anyone has participated in one of these events in their Rsx?
  2. Auto X & Road Racing
    hey guys im going to be doing alot of auto x in the summer, i was wondering i fyou think it would be more benificial to get the gauges like water/oil temp, and oil pressure so i know that im safe constantly, or to get a race header? would the race header make that much a difference in ur autox...
  3. Auto X & Road Racing
    So sunday bunch of us midwesterners went to nw indiana autox. we ran the course for 3 runs in the first heat. I had noticed that all of us, including me with kpro, barely hit vtec in 2nd gear. so going with my quote of the "i did a datalog..." and noticed that I never went above 41mph in...
  4. Auto X & Road Racing
    Just wanted to let you fellow AutoXers that compete in an RSX with a CAI that the cutting of the fender well will take you out of STS or STX class. I checked into this because I was planning on putting a CAI on my car this week, but wanted to make sure the fender modification was legal. I sent...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    I want to get into Auto-X'ing as soon as possible. You guys make it sound like a lot of fun. I was going to upgrade my wheel and tire combo before I attend my first Auto-X. I'm getting 17X7.5 Volk CE28N. What tire brand and size would you recommend? 215-45-17 or 225-45-17? Falken, Toyo...
1-5 of 5 Results