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  1. Wastegate problem or Bad BOV?

    Turbo RSX
    Hey all, I have a 2002 boosted type s. Lately sometimes during idle after starting up, there’s a quiet vibrating noise that goes away or doesn’t happen at every start up. But lately after letting off the gas in gear it makes a vibrating/whirring/droning type noise that only happens when I let...
  2. Bad Alternator?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    What's up guys. Back again with another fun issue for the electronic geeks on here. So in recent weeks i've started to notice that my headlights have started to dim when I have the sound system under full load. I have a 2000w (1000rms) 5channel amp for all 6 speakers and a sub in the trunk...
  3. 2006 RSX Type-S Bad MPG

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    In my 06 Type-S I’m hitting the gas light at around 220 miles on a full tank while driving economically. I’m posting the list of mods I have on the car that I think would affect MPG and I just wanted your guy’s input on why it might be so crappy. My assumption is that it’s my AEM Short Ram...
  4. Bad lookin plugs

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    178k on car, 03 Type S, live in FL. These plugs have 40,000 mi on them. Car has been smoking on cold startup for several years now. Doesn't smoke while driving AFAIK. Going through about 1.5 quarts on a 3000 mi OCI with 5w-30 Castrol GTX HM. Burns a bit more if I take longer trips (100mi or...
  5. Sometimes Runs Bad when Wet Weather

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    05 Type-S 175,xxx miles, Race header, no cat, Cold Air Intake, Hondata Race Header reflash. Most of the time it runs just great, but a couple of weeks ago driving in light rain it would miss and lose power about the time it should have gotten to VTEC. Then the problem went away and it started...
  6. Wheel bearing or just a bad wheel?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi, can anyone help me figure out if this could be a wheel bearing or just a bad wheel?
  7. Conventional to Synthetic bad?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello all, to start off, I have a 2002 Rsx type-S with 86,000 miles. Completely stock. The car has been running Penzoil 5-30w conventional. My last oil change I switched it to Penzoil synthetic 5-30w. I checked the oil today and its pretty low, but very clean. I read and was told...
  8. Bad motor mount ?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys so since I’ve bought this type s 8 months ago I’ve been hearing a loud grumbling like sound when I turn left only around 3k+ rpm or hard corners and I believe it was a mount to begin with because when I put it into neutral the sound goes away as long as I don’t jerk the wheel. Since...
  9. Is the starter bad?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    04 RSX base 5-speed. For a while now it has been slow cranking. It would struggle to crank sometimes (take a few attempts) but most times it would be slow, but crank up on the first try. Well I didn't drive it for about 4 days and now it won't start. It will either turn over once slowly and not...
  10. Bad ac compressor and knock sensor?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I'm having a confusing car issue and hoping you guys can help me out. While driving my car I heard a loud knocking sound, I pulled over and checked the codes. It was throwing 02 sensor codes (I just got my exhaust done 2 weeks ago), and it was also throwing the knock sensor code. Now just with...
  11. Burning gas/ low mpg / bad gas smell

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, i've had this problem since the day I bought my car and I initially thought it was the smell of burning oil and since then i've fixed the small oil leak that I previously had. Whenever I get in my car and roll down the windows I get this horrendous burning smell, it almost smells like...
  12. JDM NSX - Good idea? Bad idea?

    Auto Talk
    It's been quite some time since I've posted here since I've been out of the Honda game for a while but I'm back to ask your opinions. I'm starting my initial research on the possibility of purchasing an early 90s JDM NSX. It's been my dream for years to own a RHD NSX and now that I'm a little...
  13. gas/exhaust smell in car at high revs bad mpg

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey guys so i know its been visited alot and ive serched to find the solution to this problem but it keeps persisting, when im driving at regular speeds my car has a little bit of a gas smell and when i get on it the smell is horrible, also have horrible gas mileage and my wife cant even ride in...
  14. Bad Front End Damage, Want to Fix

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I'm not going to go very much into details, but pretty much someone decided to cut me off and I instinctively swerved to avoid him and rear-ended another car. The car was at a standstill, and I was going maybe 20-25 mph. The damage : The other guy ...
  15. Bad KYB Strut mounts

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Anyone have bad experience with KYB Strut mounts? A friend and I recently replaced his 05 type S strut mounts with the KYB strut mounts. We installed them correctly and torqued "everything" down to spec per the helms manual and made sure the mounts are positioned properly for the L/R side...
  16. Clutch issue maybe not as bad as it seems?

    Forum Threads
    Hi all new here and barely purchased an 02 rsx type s a week ago and guy told me the slave cylinder was out. It was hard to get it in gear and 2nd almost always grinds. I replaced the SC and bleed the line (clutch fluid was blackish) and still nothing changed. Last night I got under the dash...
  17. Bad ECU? Thoughts?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello guys, PROBABLE CAUSE (99.99%CHANCE IT WAS) Date: Mid Febuary 2017 So this has been my ordeal with this amazing car. So the start of this problem was the hood prop (which is some metal) touched the terminal of the battery (probably positive b/c it's been a mess ever since this). It turned...
  18. Bad ECU?

    Forum Threads
    Hello all, so I recently put my rsx-s together when I first wired up the engine harness I messed up the TPS and MAP sensor which blew up my MAP sensor and is causing me lots of headaches. I have spark, fuel, good power and grounds. I want to mention I removed the ABS, P/S, A/C, SRS system and...
  19. 0W-20 oil bad for rsx?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I recently went to honda to get an oil change on my 06 rsx type s and they put 0w-20 instead of 5w-30. Is that a bad thing? Thanks
  20. Drove my car through a bad rainstorm.. very boggy n sluggish and sounds like a subi?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi all, I drove my car through a pretty bad rainstorm this morning and started noticing halfway through my drive that the car started to sound really boggy and vibrate (my car is pretty low too). I immediately turned my car off and waited for about 10 minutes then turned it back on. It turned...