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  1. As requested: fightthisfight's showoff thread #girldriven

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I'm only here for the gangbang. My 05 5-speed :shakehead When I first got her in October 2011: Then I started to go the complete wrong way with it: (Thanks Prezes5 for the picture!) And this is how she sits now: (Thanks 02civic629 for the picture!) (more pictures of current setup on pg...
  2. Was this based on an RSX?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Not my picture, so I'm not entirely sure... but it kinda looks like one to me! R.I.P.
  3. Starting a bikini based barista drive thur in the Bay Area (feedback appreciated)

    Northern Cali
    Hello folks, looking to potentially open a bikini barista drive thru coffee shop in the Bay Area. Specifically the east or south bay. The concept is nothing new, Seattle has been doing this for a while now and most if not all of us are aware/frequent the Vietnamese coffee shops (scantily clad...
  4. Ga *CHAT* - Home of the Boosted, Swapped, Based, and Lambo'd Rsx's..... Get at us bro

    The Great State of Georgia
    Look at Ralph whoring it up as usual Type-S-Ralph 368 RSaxon07 288 _Gex_ 286 GradyBaby16 205 cauQazn 181 Axix23 133 05dc5s 101 Gixxer008 52 rsxmatt1985 41 integraxtr 33 spike2400 28 FlyinRyan02S 25 RSXK24FTW 15 Moseley 13 ga_type s 12 kabuki...
  5. Take 2! From Rice to Nice... Sold for them rings

    Member Show-Off RSX
    **Update** PG.4 Shoot with Yan PG.6 Santa Cruz meet PG.7 BBK installed PG.8 Bearing replacement and Winter mode... Bought this car back in 09 knowing nothing about the RSX or K series. At the time i was planning on getting a G35 but due to some last minute issues with the seller flaking and me...
  6. Stoo's '03 Artic Blue 326.1BHP JRSC DC5 (UK based JDM)

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Hi guys Here's the current spec of my car and some pics. Engine Gruppe M SFS Induction hose Jackson Racing Supercharger Race 3.4" pulley Comptech Auto Tensioner RC 650cc injectors Hondata K-Pro (MASE tuned) Buddy Club 4-2-1 Manifold Trust Ti-C exhaust system Skunk2 Magnetic Drain Plugs Spoon...
  7. In need of custom wheel spacers, who sells them based on your specs?

    Wheels & Tires
    Okay guys I need some specific hubcentric wheel spacers. I have found many hubcentric ones but I cannot find them in the thickness I need and them have the correct inside hub bore and outside hub bore. Specs I need are: 5mm thickness 64.1mm hub bore to fit onto my rsx hubs 72.6mm outside lip...
  8. UK Based JDM DC5-R JRSC help

    Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys, I bought a s/h JRSC kit off a DC5 forum member. Kit came with 3.4" pulley, CT Auto tensioner, 650cc RC injectors.... I think its a CTAT anyhow, looks like this... I need a little help as the kit is/was missing a few items. The guy cannot get to the car to retrieve the items...
  9. Buddy Club RSD - A Track Based Review

    Auto X & Road Racing
    So, I recently upgraded my oem suspension to the BC RSD. There are a couple reviews around, but I found no reviews from someone with track experience. Hopefully this review will help someone. My car: 2002 Acrua RSX-s K-Pro & supercharged For the most part, the rest is stockish (except for the...
  10. FS: Atom based SFF

    Computer Stuff
    Hello, I'm selling a recently built SFF Atom based PC. It has everything needed to run aside from a hard drive. Motherboard: Intel BOXD945GCLF Newegg link: Case: Apex MI-008 Newegg link...
  11. Wanted- Chicago based photographers

    Mid West
    CRSX: Looking for some Chicago based photographers for a photo shoot to take place by the end of this month. We are looking for experienced photographers with a portfolio of various vehicle imagery. Vehicles for photography will be available at various times during the day and week so...
  12. FS: Strup 4-1 header, base catalytic converter, Magnaflow catback

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    EDIT: prices lowered, just want these outta the garage! Hi everyone, I recently decided to go with an 05-06 RSX-S header/cat/exhaust setup for a quieter ride, so my old parts are now up for sale. Strup 4-1 shorty header, $60 OBO: Original catalytic converter from my '04 base 5-speed...
  13. Strategy Based Diagnostics

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I'll be creating several threads in the coming weeks, to help all of you with strategy-based diagnostics. This forum generally tends to change parts rather than troubleshooting their problems, so hopefully I can educate some of you into making better informed decisions. This will save you both...
  14. RSX based Bronze RIMS! SoCAL! LOCAL ONLY

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    Looking for $500 LOCAL PICK UP! 91723 the tires have 4k miles on it Willing to trade for stock EX RIMS... Your EX RIMS W/ TMPS + $300cash OR ANY RIMS WITH TMPS!
  15. Canadian based sites?

    Canada East
    Are there any good canadian sites that sell rsx parts? I cant find any.
  16. Which oil is better? (based on these numbers)

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    OIL 1 >>Typical/Test Data SAE Grade ASTM# 5W-30 Appearance Visual Amber API Gravity D-287 34.3 Lbs/Gal Tables 7.106 Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6°C D-1298 0.8534 Viscosity @ 100°C D-445 10.61 Viscosity @ 40°C D-445 55.43 Viscosity Index D-2270 185 Pour Point, °C D-97 -48 Flash Point, °C D-92 241...
  17. Tachometer Changing colors based on vtech, any one know anything?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Does anyone know anything about changing the color of tach when v tech kicks in. I know there was a thread a month or so ago but i can't find it now. There was a video with it too. Anyone know anything about that?
  18. Oil change based on date and not mileage?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've driven my Type-S all of 5K miles in the past 6 months. My oil change date (based on 3 months) was Dec-20th. I've just now passed 3,000 miles since the last oil change. I've always changed right at 5,000 miles. Is it safe to leave this oil in the car another month, month and a half as...
  19. New Motul formula: 7100 series (Ester based)

    For the price of one ($38), I received an extra 4L jug of this stuff. Purchased at Laguna Seca's MotoGP which happened this weekend. Facts: -Ester based with PAO (oil comprises of group IV and V basestocks). -For $38 with a little over 8 quarts of oil, this equates to about $4.75 per quart...
  20. hp gains with kpro based on these mods

    ECU Tuning RSX
    does anyone here know from experience WHP gained by buying kpro and tuning your car. i have aem cai, dcrh, aem fuel rail, 5zigen catback. my car runs good now but i havent dyno'd it to get my WHP. im wondering if i get kpro and tune it how much added WHP would be gained. im thinking about 15...