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  1. Whats the beef with 06+ Civic SI drivers vs US(RSX) guys????

    Auto Talk
    I been noticing alot of 06+ Civic SI trying to run me and reving up at me at lights and even taunting me at a gas station while I was getting gas at a pump.. The motherfucking SI circled me like 3 times and had his dark tint rolled up.. I kept staring, then he waited for me to finish pumping so...
  2. need some help attempting to beef up laptop

    Computer Tech
    i have a nice lil dell e1705 with a t7400 and a go 7900gs along with 2 gigs of ram. im thinking about throwing in a faster cpu, and am curious if i can use a quad core without having any issues. is it also possible to swap out the video card or not, this dood at work swears up and down that...
  3. I got some beef...

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Here's my beef. Where are the projector headlights for the RSX? It's been over a year and no one has made them. In the meantime, the 2003 Civic Si's already have a set of projectors with angel eyes, which look crazy tite. Check them out at ...
  4. With all this power, you guys need to beef up your rubber

    Turbo RSX
    will the 205 width be enough with the power you're gonna get with the boost people are saying its not even enough for the 200hp you need to get wider rims/tires (beefy ones) i reccomend pirelli p zero's (porsche 911 tires :) )