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  1. Turbo RSX
    How likely is my engine to blow if i put a Cybernation stage one turbo kit on my type-s?? do i need cams and pistons....
  2. Turbo RSX
    anyone ever blown their turbo? i did a search and only found one guy with rev hard turbo that blew his shit....this happen to anyone else? and which kit do you have..CN, greddy, custom?
  3. Turbo RSX
    civic ex (127 hp) with h/i/e?
  4. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    slightly off topic, but a good read on what can happen when your n2o trigger happy. :eek: the victom is a 2k1civic.
  5. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    I blew my engine on N2O! Can you say this? or personally know someone who did? Everyone always says, 'dude, your gonna blow your engine' - but I have only heard two stories about anything blowing up 1. the maxima who left his heater on 2. the shop that blew a rsx with a 70 dry shot, right...
361-365 of 365 Results