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  1. I’m looking to buy a Supercharger kit!

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    So i’m in the market for a JRSC or CT supercharger kit if anyone has one for sale or know where i can get one online?
  2. Boost junkyz sidewinder with 60mm WG

    Turbo RSX
    Im in the process of piecing together a turbo kit to boost my 05 RSX type s. I bought a boost junkyz sidewinder manifold with a open T4 flange and a 60MM wastegate flange. The WG flange is on the bottom of the manifold and after mocking it up the WG(tial) sits extremely close to the block where...
  3. Questions about POSSIBLE boost leak

    Turbo RSX
    Hello All! I tried searching for this issue, if I missed it, I apologize. Looking for the experts in this forum and topic, please! Advise like if it was your own vehicle, what would you do. First my 03 RSX-S Has many mods. Here is what the previous owner shared with me in regards to the...
  4. Hondata Boost Controller - No B21 Wire, Aftermarket Harness

    Turbo RSX
    Hello, I am attempting to install my 4 Port Hondata Boost Controller per Palmer's DIY but the B21 pcs wire does not exist on my Wireworx engine harness. Should I just add a pin to my B plug and run my boost controller wire to it? Any other options? I've searched high and low for an answer to...
  5. UHhhh Haaaalllp (KPro turbo over boost issues)

    Turbo RSX
    So I have a semi built 02 type s. KPro, turbo, tuned. It was fine til one day it just decides to start over boosting out of nowhere. I couldn’t figure it out, tuner can’t figure it out. Literally checked everything, even tried doing changes with the boost control on kmanager and nothing. Almost...
  6. to boost or bolt-ons

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys, currently my RSX Type-S just has an exhaust, CAI and reflash but I've been wanting more power for a fun DD. I was looking into the Greddy turbo kit, but they're now discontinued. Does anyone know if the Rev9power kit is good for $2400? I don't know much about boosting so go easy on me...
  7. AMS-1000 Boost Controller / Kpro Quick Release Racing Harness

    Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    AMS-1000 Boost Controller $700 Kpro quick release racing harness with switch panel, fuse box, msd ignition plus 4 msd coil packs with cable with aluminium mother board platform $1250 Combo $1800
  8. K24a2 swap ready for boost?

    K-Series Swaps
    Hey guys so im planning to swap a k24a2 into my base 2006 rsx. I have a place that will swap the stock engine with a low mileage k24 for only 1700CAD which i think is a solid deal. I was originally planning to buy an engine and build it myself before swapping but i think for 1700 i cant really...
  9. Turbo *Chat* Crank the Boost & Turn'er Loose

    Turbo RSX
    JUANonJUAN 489 02s2knick 196 kracker 129 BigWorm85 128 Ransom 113 GrumpyGrinch45 89 Rmenjoi33 84 Turpid Porpoise 76 JayDEmm722 61 Fade2Black 49 DC5nv 44 Lauren 38 05OrangeS 38 nabusa 35 ryaano18 28 robry 23 HurriSkiest 19 Kevink121 17 IKON671 16 adm_rsx 16...
  10. unable to go into boost problem

    Turbo RSX
    hello, im new to this forum stuff but im having a seriously problem with my 06 turbo rsx type s. i have kpro and used kmanager to upload a basemap, car runs great out of boost(vacuum). but as soon as i get to about 0psi it stubbles and breaks up. it will not make boost and i cant figure it out...
  11. Aem digital boost gauge doesn't read over zero

    Turbo RSX
    Just like the title says, it won't read over zero when I'm under boost. Now, how I have my vacuum lines setup...I have a line that connected to boost gauge of course and I have that line connected to a tee barb that also connected to BOV which is connected to the intake mani. Could this be the...
  12. 2 port Mac boost solenoid problem

    Turbo RSX
    Can't get over 6 psi, I'm wondering what I did wrong. [/URL][/IMG]I drew a diagram of exactly how my lines are installed. Should I make another connection to my vacuum block aswell?
  13. Boost on high miles?

    Turbo RSX
    So ive read alot on here about the k20 engine being just as reliable and tough as any other honda motor. My rsx (base) has 160k miles on it and im thinking about intalling a turbo. Low boost since Not obsessed with trying to increase numbers just want some extra performance plus the clean look...
  14. Peak boost kit with extras !!

    Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    Deciding to part ways with my turbo kit if anyone Interested pm me 1000cc ID fuel injectors Hybrid fuel rail. Peakboost turbo kit w/ gtx35r bb 1000 miles Tial 44wg Tial bv Hks turbo timer Aem wide band, boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and cluster 4 port boost controller Stage 4 clutch...
  15. 9 psi boost clutch recommendation?

    Supercharging RSX
    just bought a JRSC and need to upgrade the stock clutch. i've read all the countless pages of 10 year old threads on clutch recommendations, and it seems (at least a while ago) that most guys go with a stage 2 for this level of boost. my desire is reliable clutch/trans operation, and...
  16. Boost a Rsx type S 2003 ?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I have a rsx type s 2003 with the mods: Hondata reflash and V2 AEM intake. Im planning to add headers, camshafts and a greddy sp2 exhaust. What other mods can I add to make it faster that will pass smog. So turbokits and superchargers wont work :(. Thanks !
  17. MN *CHAT* Mama said no more boost.. Shhh Mama, don't cry. #trophychasin

    Mid West
    Blue names... Green names... who gives a shit. Sage0021 406 Kevybro 382 Ransom 344 MITeggy17 244 jamesl85 235 sinzdc5 115 RuizDC5 55 DC5nv 41 overlap king 26 itskien 10 '06Siguy 9 Fuccboi 7 EDU 1 Drewpreme 1
  18. Rotrex boost question

    Supercharging RSX
    I had a question to all those rotrex guys. How are you guys controlling your boost pressure? I'm not too familiar with these rotrex and I'm trying to research. I have only been able to see that some have said that it just depends on the compressor. I just think there's a way to limit the boost...
  19. Want to boost my egk20z1

    Turbo RSX
    Ok so i want to boost my egk20z1 swap i want a minimum of 400hp and mayb 350 or so tq wat do i need to make those numbers i have kpro v3 ?
  20. How much hp and boost can a stock k20a2 motor handle?

    Turbo RSX
    My kraftwerks charger shaft broke on me so now im deciding to go turbo...i want more power...i was pushing around 400hp with the c30-94 @ 15psi...but now i wanna hit the 500 mark...i jusy need to know what the stock block is capable of handling...any info is much appreciated.