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  1. Bout to lower her down

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    as the title says im about to drop my baby 2-2.75 inches. do i need a camber kit for front and back? just back? or maybe neither?!? doubt it but i just wanted to see what you guys thought and the pros and cons of the all of it.
  2. Question bout 06 z1

    General RSX Discussion
    Can I fit an a2 block with my z1 head on my 06 type s with no problems like direct fit? Need to know ASAP lol
  3. 909/951 we ain't bout that life *chat*

    Southern Cali
    rename it if you dont like it.
  4. bout that time

    Engine Building & Design
    Okay so its about time for a new headgasket. I have some minor blow by and im just going to do my whole valve train while im at it. My first question is if I were to get the Mugen headgasket, which increases your compression, would that be okay with stock pistons and aftermarket valve train...
  5. How bout these rims

    Wheels & Tires These on a SSM RSX lowered about 2in, what do you think?
  6. Trying to trade or sell..but here is a show off.. might keep her

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Here are some pics of my SSM 03 boosted... not finish tuning yet but making 320WHP. I want an S2000 now
  7. Bout to buy an ep3 but we have an issue :(

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    So I test drove an EP3 today. and theyre selling it for an awesome price at 78k miles. The body is fine, small scratch in some places, but nothing major. Real nice interior and body overall. But it had a check engine light :mad::firemad: Advanced Auto parts said that it was a Knock sensor...
  8. question bout brakes

    General RSX Discussion
    So i replaced my pads and rotors about 5xxx miles ago, and i keep hearing a squeaking when i step on my brakes. Sounds like its coming from the back. they are put on properly and bedded right. is this common or should i be worried.
  9. question bout adding hp

    General RSX Discussion
    ok first off im new to the whole rsx thing....i came from a boosted car which had 320hp from that to the rsx i feel a big difference lol but my question is what mods/add ons should i add to my rsx next....i dont wanna boost looking to be all motor with out jumping into the...
  10. LeeXiong05 showoff thread... bout time..

    Member Show-Off RSX
    hey whats up guys.. after being on the forums for a long time, finally decided to make a show off thread.. here goes nothing.. btw all postive and negative comments welcomed.. if it's negative :idgaf:hahaha NEW PICTURES PAGE 11 05 rsx type s MM Mods and Etc: igen cold air hondata IMG Megan...
  11. BOOST WORKS TURBO BUILD..its just bout done

    Turbo RSX
    hey whats up this is my 03 rsx-s she was my first car and has come along way NEW PICS PG 2 Engine -darton sleeves -eagle rods -arias pistons -blue print valve train -stock cams -toda timing chain -RBC intake manifold -Peak boost gt35r turbo kit with modified manifold Tranny -Albins 1-4...
  12. question bout rails for recaro spg/ pole position

    Interior Mods RSX
    lookin to buy a pole position or an spg,, what rails do i use?
  13. Question bout Headers

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I'm looking for headers and a cat back exhaust here in the near future... 04 TypeS, CAI, Short Throw, and suspension... Need a lil more umphh... This is my dd though so I'm definitely not gonna take the cats out... I'm really looking for a more torque mid to low range. I'm not looking to...
  14. Question bout trans

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    What's up guys. I have an 03 type s and the first thing I did was flush trans fluid because oof the 3rd gear problem. Penzoil synchromesh fixed that problem but I realized another. Say I'm on the highway in fifth or sixth gear and I let off the gas to slow down without pressing the clutch and I...
  15. SuperSlowBlue_rsx....updated more rides.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    updated ride and pictures on page 3 . i've been on this forum for a little over 5 years, never got around to posting up a show thread so here we go :noes: keep in mind i'm poor and cant afford a good camera nor a photographer :laughat: i took this while in the university parking garage...
  16. Bout to get new rims, help?

    Wheels & Tires
    i got a dark navy blue 2003 base rsx i was thinkin about putting black rims on it with a chrome or red lip. and suggestions other than that? send me some pictures or links
  17. thinking bout switching to 17s...

    Wheels & Tires
    So I've got a 2004 dsm on buddy club n and 18 inch work emo cr kais 8.5 38 offset. Thinking of going with some 17s for weight saving purposes. I'm looking for a black colored, lightweight rim, concave face. It been awhile since I've been in the tuner scene, any tips or suggestions? Also, I...
  18. question bout back seats need help

    Interior Mods RSX
    do the ep3 or 99-00 ctr or 98-01 itr back seats fit in the rsx i want the black suede with the red stitchin but the dc5 itr dont have it plus these are cheaper so if sumone kno or has done it plz help
  19. question bout wheel spacers and rolling fenders.

    Mid West
    so i have a set of 18x7.5 and 18x8 wheels.. and i just ordered 25mm spacers... question is do i need to get my fenders rolled with this setup? im tryin to get a flush look sumhow but im not sure if im doing the right thing.. xD
  20. Question bout controls on the steering wheel

    General RSX Discussion
    what does these 3 controls do?