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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Solution: I ended up cutting away any of the firewall insulation where the side cover pressed against. It's easy to see the areas where it was rubbing. I also broke the two plastic guide pins in the heater box that help the cover but it was causing me issues. What I did was make sure none of the...
  2. Exterior & Interior RSX
    CALIFORNIA: I hope I’m not breaking any rules with this post. I’m a first time poster. My brother used to own an Acura RSX Type S. I found these boxes that have been sitting in the attic for 10+ years. The parts are nighthawk black pearl OEM rear under spoiler and side skirts complete with...
  3. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Have for sale my Factory Intake Box & Set of Front & Back Springs. Items were personally removed from my 03 Acura RSX Type S myself and I am the sole owner. Everything in pictures included. Filter still has lots of miles on it, just need screws for intake box. From what I recall, I removed the...
  4. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Just gottem installed over the weekend. I little bit stinky for the first couple days, but after breaking them in... wow, what a difference in braking. Smooth and yet responsive. I'm glad I read the boards before purchasing them so as to not get the blue box hps (aka school bus squeak kind)...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Recently had to change the battery since the old one was running low. When i installed the new one, I can hear a ticking noise in the fuse box. The dash lights keeps on blinking unless i step on the brakes or if I disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Did I screw up somewhere by any...
  6. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I’ve seen many pictures/post of the fuse box under the dash telling me what fuses are what, but I need one that tells me what the plugs are and the empty plug slots are. If someone can post a picture that would help me a lot, thanks
  7. Engine & Transmission RSX
  8. Engine & Transmission RSX
    $50. OEM intake assembly from a 2002 Type S.
  9. Engine & Transmission RSX
    KPRO quick release racing harness Fuse Box Switch Panel MSD High Output Ignition with 4 Coil Packs and Cables ECU Aluminum Plate motherboard $1250 AMS-1000 Boost Controller $700 Combo $1800
  10. Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Bought -
  11. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    This is a sweeeet box thatHolds a 10" Sub. Tucks nicely into the passenger side back corner. Cost over $400.00 shipped - I ordered the wrong side and willing to take a loss so I can order the correct side. Never used. See link below for picture. It is black carpet that covers it...
  12. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Cleaning out my basement and found some parts that could be of interest: 1) OEM Headlights 06 RSX-S with Lexus RX330 retrofitted projectors and custom shrouds. Headlight lens was damaged from an accident but the retrofit components (Projectors & Shrouds) are mint, perfect donor parts for a...
  13. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Lower Wiper fluid reservoir - excellent condition $20 + shipping: Transmission motor mount - a decent amount of wear, no major tears but a good base for window welding it $20 + shipping : Free pickup for San Diegans
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Howdy folks, was wondering if anyone happens to have or know where to get a pic for the fuse box’s both inside and outside. I looking to fill in every fuse that’s needed in my car but having trouble finding a pic so that I can know where each fuse goes. Ive been trying to do some research but I...
  15. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Is there anyway I can fix my glove box so if is flush with the dash, when it’s closed it’s still open a bit and at night you can see the light in the dash. I have a 2003 type s! Thanks
  16. Exterior & Interior RSX
    For sale is my J's Racing DC5 High Mount stop lamp. J'S LED LIGHT SOLD! I never installed this on my car, and have no use for it since I am selling it. I doubt many fellow club RSX members have or even have seen this before. This is in OEM Honda housing, but has been modified with a...
  17. Suspension & Brakes RSX
    SOLD New in box HardRace rear camber kit with harden rubber bushings. HardRace part number 6342. Works with RSX DC5 / Civic EP3 Listing on eBay: I purchased these in 2015 and...
  18. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Sold Sold Sold Up for sale is my Mugen Air Box I purchased from King Motorsports. This item has been discontinued by Mugen. Item will include 12 out of the 13 screws (I misplaced one of them somewhere), Air filter, Snorkel duct, Air Box, original paper instructions, and original shipping...
  19. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    this is a custom made Sub box that fits in the rear corner of the RSX. Holds a 10" Sub. had a sub fitted but was never used. Was originally bought on here, but never got used. I do have a Planet Audio Anacrony Sub, and 1500W monoblock amp both new in boxes. and have all the wiring to mount this...
  20. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I'm trying to put back on the stock airbox (previous owner installed a CAI) and I was wondering if anyone had image showing the following part on the motor; (#12 in the image) The diagram makes it look simple, but looking at my engine that area is filled with hoses and I'm not sure exactly...
1-20 of 500 Results