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  1. Florida
    Reached 75 pages on the last thread, time to do it up again! Can we reach 75 more before the end of 2013?!?! With Shadowdawg on our team, anything is possible!
  2. Canada West
    It has been a while since we all met up! last time was the Summer RevScene show and shine, i heard it was great, lets not have the weather bring us down! I've been seeing some new Usernames around lately, come on down! we are very nice! :rolleyes: (i've only started going to the meets this...
  3. North East
    Guys - the other mods and admins ruled that the last chat thread was taking it too far. Please keep it clean.
  4. North East
    I was thinking about it. I could see us all locked in detention together and conspiring against the man. Maybe it's the drugs. Discuss.
1-4 of 6 Results