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  1. Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hey guys! In Canada, on the SiR, we have a knob that adjusts the brightness for the whole cluster and for all the lights and stuff on the center console. Im not sure if its the same in the Us with the Si, but its like so in canada. Now, all my little knob is doing is adjusting the brightness of...
  2. Exterior & Interior RSX
  3. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Hey all, For sale is a newly refurbished Philips HID Kit 6k brightness. This is for all Acura RSX headlights. My original set was replaced by these but I have never used them. Sold my car about a month ago, so I don't need them! Comes with all wires and instructional manual. PLUG AND PLAY KIT...
  4. Lighting RSX
    Hey guys, jsut wondering what brightness do you guys select for fogggies, jsut got 6000K hid for my type s, wondering if i should match 6000K foggies, or get them real bright? Opinions?
  5. Lighting RSX can someone explain exactly how this works?
  6. Exterior Mods RSX
    I'm wondering if you guys have anything that controls the brightness of you dash lights....the cluster, the ac control buttons, etc. Reason is with my ep3, we have it in the gauge cluster. But since I have a k20a2, I opted for the UKDM gauge cluster...but it doesn't come with a control in the...
  7. Exterior Mods RSX
    my drivers side headlight is brighter than my right, i've never touched the aiming on it. and it is in the slot securley, the pins are going through the holes....any suggestions? i think it looks a lil stupid with one headlight brighter than the other..its like having altezzas...tacky and ugly
  8. Exterior Mods RSX
    If you paint the headlight area black (TypeR style), does that affect the brightness of your headlights?? I am guessing that since light reflects better when it's all silver instead of black?? :dontknow:
1-8 of 10 Results