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  1. East Coast EP3
    Car Show - Drag Race - Drift - Hydraulics - Audio – Swimsuit on web
 NOPI Performance Parts Car & Truck Show - $4000 Payout
Best of Show – 3 cars & 3 trucks - $500 each Largest Club - $500 Top Quality Car Club - ($500 Best Top 5 scores)Top Quality Club - $500 – (Best Top 5...
  2. North East
    been wanting to post this up since last week, I'm just passing on the message and hoping to meet ppl from CRSX On May 12th, there will be a meet at Colt State Park. Area in the park is yet to be determined, but obviously if you just drive around the circle you will find us!. Colt State Park...
1-2 of 2 Results