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  1. MN *CHAT* Everything you need to know about tires, direct from Shanghai. #Garagebuilt

    Mid West
    Thread title sucks. 1 star because 0 isnt an option.. Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,854 User Name Posts Kevybro 386 korney 349 Sage0021 303 Ransom 238 jamesl85 204 MITeggy17 156 sinzdc5 105 DC5nv 31 Fuccboi 24 SolaFive 18 itskien 12 Andy. 11 EDU 6 neursx 2 RuizDC5 2 ohyeahitskham 1 ekhonda87 1...
  2. ArcticBlueAlex’s New Build: Its 2019 Don't Assume My Color Bro

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Current Build: 2005 VBP Type S - Out with the old, in with the new Pg.6 - Phase 1 Suspension Rebuild; Rust-O-Rama Pg.6 - Phase 2 Exhaust Swap; The Quieter The Better Pg.6 - Phase 3 Engine Bay; Weren't we supposed to only fix coolant leaks? Pg.8 Old Build: 2003...
  3. Minnesota *CHAT* Bro... do you even stache? Pshh, The Killa lives here

    Mid West
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,844 User Name Posts Ransom 396 Sage0021 342 jamesl85 321 Kevink121 315 korney 224 sinzdc5 84 dc2kid 47 KrazyKarl 19 F_IT 15 AzianK 13 vang004 13 astoesz 12 ihazvtak 8 '06Siguy 8 TGTS2000 4 715-DC5 4 Guparasti 4 ashinsky 3 NightHawk5 3 B.DatThang.V 3...
  4. Canada East *CHAT* F > K > B > H > D come at me bro rpm over 9000 to the moon ftw

    Canada East
    Canada East *CHAT* F > K > B > H > D come at me bro rpm over 9000 to the moon ftw Official chat :weeeeeeeeee:
  5. Official Missouri *CHAT* Tim doesn't own a comb & Andrew's a bully.

    Mid West
    jahong16 336 RSlowXS 312 dabster 299 G8way 275 hick08 169 adio3x 124 CarlosSpicyWeiner 98 SilverS-STL 51 ******** 38 sunnynotcloudy 37 Silver Knight 27 sh0k 20 White95GSR 13 ADG 11 itskien 7 hellaslowteg 5 luvmyhondas 5 Jactor 3 FoxFiend34 3 p1nhead 3 Greyteg 3 05rsxmgn 3 hockett77 2
  6. Problems figuring out what sensor to replace on bro's Honda civic

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    -My brother has a 2005 honda civic LX (auto). -His CEL came on with a p0340 (Camshaft position sensor malfunction;bank 1). -I am having a hard time finding out the honda part # for the camshaft position sensor. -Guy at honda parts store says that I need a TDC sensor. -Any help on finding a...
  7. Ga *CHAT* - Home of the Boosted, Swapped, Based, and Lambo'd Rsx's..... Get at us bro

    The Great State of Georgia
    Look at Ralph whoring it up as usual Type-S-Ralph 368 RSaxon07 288 _Gex_ 286 GradyBaby16 205 cauQazn 181 Axix23 133 05dc5s 101 Gixxer008 52 rsxmatt1985 41 integraxtr 33 spike2400 28 FlyinRyan02S 25 RSXK24FTW 15 Moseley 13 ga_type s 12 kabuki...
  8. 5 MONTHS LATER AND NOTHING...... Still WAITING, EviL-S come on

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    this was the thread ::: About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I was looking for fenders and EviL-S said he had them ready for shipping at a price of $200 shipped. The next day, I paypal'd him $200 via gift transaction which means I can not file a claim(not a...
  9. JayDogg Exclusive's thread of cool stories bro.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Hi all, lots of you know me locally and just from CRSX. So I had a 5 speed NHBP last year, wasn't cutting it for me for a long term project car so I sold her and copped a NHBP Type S for a good deal then got to the modding right away. Haven't owned the car for even a year yet and she has come a...
  10. Base *CHAT* Come at me Bro!

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
  11. mp3players for sale *BRO*

    Everything Else
    all prices are Best Reasonable Offers:thumbsup: 2gb ipod nano *black 2gb ipod nano *black *NEW* 8gb ipod nano *purple 4gb ipod mini *silver 8gb ipod mini *black 1gb Sansa Clip *black 8gb Sansa SanDisk *black 1 Black Nano slip on case 1 new honda oil filter *A01* fits k20a2 1/2 bottle...
  12. Bro bought a '09 Honda Civic SI.... 197hp... meh!

    Auto Talk
    So my bro bought the 09 civic si and I was all excited but that thing feels a lot slower than the RSX.. I thought SI's were supposed to be fast.. looks like vtec doesnt engage until like 6900 rpms or so.. car is nice though
  13. Hi Bro, Need to know more about Turbo.

    Turbo RSX
    Hi everyone. Just want to know more about turbo setup. I'm Driving a 2005 Rsx 5 speed integra with turbo. Only Boost to 0.5bar. I just push my car to the workshop and they all help me to setup all the need for turbo. Lots of thing i still need to know more. i still new on it. Even that i...
  14. my civic si and my bro's gt-r

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I'm a huge fan of the rsx. I've been just browsing this thread but never really posted pics of my car. It's not an rsx, but it has the much-alike k series engine. my 2007 civic si: my twin bro's 2010 gt-r...
  15. **Bro's Vette**

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Here's a few new pics of my Bro's 2005 C6.... hope you enjoy :thumbsup: Forged LS7 Motor N/A made [email protected]
  16. happy 21st to my bro dawg patrick cockins

    DC Metro
    happy 21 bro dawg
  17. FS: Two Bro's Slip-On

    For Sale
    Aluminum finish and will fit an 08 or 09 Ninja 250. I just installed it on June 4th but it is too loud for my liking. I bought it from motorcycle-superstore for $360 shipped. $300 plus shipping. It is very light so ground shipping should only be a few bucks.
  18. *Bro's Supercharged Vette*

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Just wanna show you guys my Bro's 05' C6 Vette with Z06 Widebody Conversion 689rwhp 586rwtq This is my first time shooting pics. with our New camera (Nikon D60) so they are not the best still learning, Enjoy and tell me what you think.
  19. 05 nhbp and bro's 02 ssm

    Member Show-Off RSX
  20. my bro is buying a 04 GTO 6 speed

    Auto Talk
    ftw black with 69k on it flowmaster exhaust, b&m short shifter and some sort of chip thats hooked to the iat sensor or maf:dontknow: he is gonna have his shop inspect it tomorrow and then probably take it any input or fanboy comments?