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  1. Lighting RSX
    Quick question guys, Wondering if anyone can suggest some sort of compound that's a bit more abrasive than Meguiar's PlastX that I can use on my headlights. I've wetsanded from 400 to 800 to 1000 to 1500, then I took some rubbing compound after the lights, which cleared it up really well...
  2. Car Care RSX
    So I just painted a part of my car that was hit (first time painting) and i made a noob ever of just taping around the spot and painting that spot. by all means the spot i painted looks great, but there are these raised paint lines in the shape of a square around it. is there any way to fix...
  3. Canada East
    ...hey everyone - looking to buff up a pair of headligts and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a product that they stand by. Let me know product and where I can pick it up - any input much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Exterior Mods RSX
    so i painted my brothers itr lip and applied 2 coats of clear. the final product was orange peel. so i wetsanded from 1000 - 1500 - 2000. used turtle wax rubbing compound and followed up with their polishing compound. and my results were SHIT. i think my problem was only apply two coats of...
  5. Car Care RSX
    Long story short, My car has tons of swirl marks and looks like shit in direct sunlight. I've tried scratchx by hand but with no avail. I've never used a buffer before, but I hear everyone talking about the porter cable and others. Would it be worth it for me to buy one and try it out myself, or...
  6. Car Care RSX
    Just wandering what is the best buffing machine to use, to all u guys that buff cars do u put pressure on it or u just let it spin away on the car.
  7. Car Care RSX
    I did a DIY blackout, and the lenses were clear and perfect. Then recently I noticed that the lens had slightly faded..? It doesn't show in the i didn't put in any. It's looks like the lens is really old or something...does anyone know how to buffer that out?? I tried windexing...
  8. Car Care RSX
    I heard from someone on this forum saying that those electric buffing machine is not good compare to hand power any suggestion?
  9. Car Care RSX
    how do you guys use the buffer to buff little areas like the trunk and deck lid spoiler and the little panels that are leading to the roof between the drivers window and windshield without scratching anything? do u guys put tape to prevent scuffs from appearing on the weather trim gaurds? just...
  10. Car Care RSX
    what do you think is better for getting out scratches? using a buffer with a plain cloth? or using a buffer with wax on the cloth?
  11. Car Care RSX
    since the only way to remove swirls is by buffing them out with an electric buffing tool doesn't this harm the clearcoat? i'm sure the results can be astounding, but from what i've searched and studied so far it seems that by using a buffer u are slowly breaking down and removing the clearcoat...
  12. Car Care RSX
    When you buff your wax off your car...wouldn't that leave swirl marks since you are rubbing it off w/ a towel...?
  13. Car Care RSX
    Hey everyone. Well the inevitable happened the other day. My car got scratched when someone walked by it and dragged their bag across it. I took it to the car wash and they did a good hand wax on the car and were able to buff out all the scratches. Question tho> I do not see the scratches...
1-14 of 15 Results