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  1. DIY Hidden bug screen

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Do you want to protect your radiator from bug splatters but don’t want to have an ugly, messy bug screen haphazardly stuck over your front bumper? Then I have a solution for you. Follow this DIY for a quick, easy and clean solution for those damn summer time bugs. Results: It’s a pretty...
  2. Bug reflector a.k.a bra for hood

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Guys I am looking for a bra for my front hood. I can't find one for my 05 rsx. Help me! :)
  3. Alright front bumper starting to bug me..

    Car Care RSX
    Well I decided to take a picture of my car and realized theres a gap between the hood and bumper and if I pull the bumper up it looks better.. Is it a mounting thing? like do I needa try to retighten screws or maybe am missing some?
  4. Bug and tar remover, best results?

    Car Care RSX
    Which product is most effective in washing off bugs or tar? I've read, tarminator. I was curious about turtle wax bug and tar remover or meguiar's bug and tar remover. I haven't seen many reviews on the meguiar's product but the brand is reputable and most use their products. Surprisingly...
  5. rsx bug reflecter ???

    Exterior Mods RSX
  6. LF: oem rsx bug delfector

    Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    i need one asap
  7. Got bit by the bug again! Tired of your RSX? My RSX story.

    Auto Talk
    So this is pretty much a insignificant opinion of mine and also somewhat of an observation. Also the story of one owner who lost faith in his once loved RSX. I've had my Rsx-S now for what seems like forever, but in reality it's been only 2 years. Like everybody or anybody who begs the bank...
  8. Got a dead bug in my headlight :O

    Car Care RSX
    Any step by step pictures how I would open/get it out and while in there just clean the headlight out completely
  9. removing bird shit and smashed bug guts

    Car Care RSX
    does anyone know the best product to remove bird shit and smashed bug guts? i wash my car with either zipwax or armour all, and neither of theses products seem to completely remove these two things completely. i can wash the hell out of my car and still see the image of these forms of debris...
  10. FS: 04-05 Bug Deflector

    Parts For Sale
  11. Rsx Type-S 2006 Reving Bug @ around 7k in 1st and 2nd gear

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    The problem seem to be since i went to far in the red once. Now everytime i try to push the rev to 8k(in 1st) it seems to lock at 7k for a second then it kicks to around 8.3k. I have like no more control it locks up a 7k and im full throttle but it stays at that rpm for a second. I feel like im...
  12. plastic bug shield

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Does anyone know how to remove the plastic sheild covering that some cars have on the front, like mine does. im trying to remove it without taking off the paint. i been slowly trying to peel it off but that is going to take forever.
  13. Caught the modding bug, whats next?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on clubrsx but I have been browsing the forums for a few weeks now (just bought my 03 rsx-s last month :)). I have already started modding my new baby, my goal is to get some small improvements over stock but try to keep it looking as stock as possible (I...
  14. quick and easy bug removal!

    Car Care RSX
    if this has been posted already.. sorry. bug season is already starting down here in Florida! I've found the easiest way to remove bugs is to use dryer sheets.. use while washing car and they'll come off with ease!
  15. MOD BUG... what next?

    All Motor RSX
    setup: kpro tuned, dcrh, rbc, img, itr exhaust, cai right around 200whp... now I want some more power... thinking about upgrading my header to SSR please nobody suggest b/c if i'm giong to spend 1k on a header might as well get a supercharger just my opinion... also thinking about possible...
  16. Mod Bug Bit...This Could Turn Out...Awesome....

    Auto Talk
    Ok, so we all like to mod here, since we've stuck around even AFTER Smalls has there has to be something else (to you premie guys...I know why you're still here). Anyway, just started modding my M this week.. Its in the shop right now getting a v-CSL bootlid on ($900+ install fees)...
  17. Getting the modding bug again...

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    So far I have: ARC Intake type-s IM and TB Hondata IMG ITR 4-2 header Spoon 2-1 ESMMs Greddy SP2 KPRO Coilovers front and rear sways front strut short shifter push button start head unit speakers sub wheels and tires OEM wing OEM lip kit front and rear Cwest side skirts advice on what to do...
  18. Got bit by the riding bug..

    So my physics teacher from last year has this bike that most of the training courses around here use, and I expressed an interest in motorcycles during the school year, and he offered to teach me to ride (since I had taken him up on a flight previously) Holy crap. So much fun. I seriously...
  19. Interesting drive home... bug INSIDE gauge cluster, race w/ tarus(??)

    General RSX Discussion
    So I was driving home from Safeway (fuckers won't have my pictures ready till sunday.. ftg) and I see this litlte tiny nat-like thing flying near my tachometer. I go to try and kill it, then realize holy shit its inside the glass!! I could see him just chillin on the needle of my tach. Dumbass...
  20. Bug splats on NBP

    Car Care RSX
    I searched already but couldnt find anything, so please dont flame me. I have an 05 NBP. After washing with a mild car soap, I find the whole front bumper and most of the hood is covered with bug splats. This shit has been on for over 4 months as I havent cleaned my car in a while. Its on...