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  1. Building new motor for road racing

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Been racing with the stock bottom end K20A for 2 years, now I'm needing more power... I'm using the combo from Blueprint Racing, Wiseco 12.4 with I beam rods, locally head porting and RBC porting, gonna stick with BP stg 2 cams. Old motor was stock K20A with only BP stg 2 cams 221whp/156tq...
  2. What would you do? Need advice building K20A2

    Engine Building & Design
    So I have decided to build my 03 Type-S. I have a spare motor and transmission (ECU included) with 40K on them and I will be putting them into the car while I build my old motor with 100K on it and then installing the turbo on the built motor. I need your input and recommendations to help me...
  3. BUILDING IT FOR 750hp..

    Turbo RSX
    Well wanted a little bit more power than the 400 I currently have so i decide to build a spare block on the side and here is what i got so far BLOCK K20A2 Shortblock ERL Darton MID Sleeves Pauter Rods 87mm Wiseco Pistons, upgraded to large pin Castillo Crankshaft Modified Type S Oil Pump HEAD...
  4. Snow keeps falling...We keep building! Turbo *CHAT*

    Turbo RSX
    yeah yeah in on 1
  5. Got rid of the Rsx and got this...but I'm building this..

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I had a 02 rsx base 5 speed turbo 310whp. Then I parted it out and got a 06 type s VBP. It was a autocross slut. and I loved it. I wanted something more roomier with 4 doors so I got this.
  6. Building a new PC, need opinion on mobo...

    Computer Tech
    I'm building a new rig and just wondering if this mobo is even worth the price? Looking for something fast, reliable and can handle more upgrades that I may do later. I do LOTS of gaming, MMOs', first person shooters, rts, etc.. I...
  7. Disturbance in my apartment building

    Canada East
    Hey crsx, I don't post much on these boards, but some crazy stuff was happening last night and I thought I'd share. Some background info first... This May I moved into a new Condo. Before I moved in I would have liked to know what my new neighbors are like but I never got a chance to meet...
  8. need help building computer for graphics/photography

    I'm thinking about building/purchasing a desktop for photography and graphics use. I have the Adobe CS3 Creative Suite so something that will be able to handle those programs, ie Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc without any problems. I'm not really into computer gaming, so I don't...
  9. Caffeine and muscle building

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    Is caffeine detrimental to muscle building? What do you guys think? I have been trying to get some research together, but I cant find a straight answer.
  10. What body part do you guys have a hard time building?

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    For me, I find that my back and forearm to be the hardest. The excercise for these body parts are not fun and when you try to work these parts the burn and gains are not that evident for the most part. To make things worst, when working out the back is the form is not right there goes your back.
  11. Need help on building my website!

    Northern Cali
    As some of you may know I have a Automotive Body Shop located in Oakdale. I'm looking for someone locally who can develop and design my website. I'm really serious about this and will pay for the work. I just need someone locally so we can meet up and discuss details. Let me know if you or you...
  12. Building a computer with limited computer time

    Computer Tech
    I know this is a big thing to ask, so if I get the help, it's greatly appreciated. My desktop just died (whenever you turn it on you it just repeatedly goes back to the boot screen) so I'm going to build myself a new one. The problem is, I have very limited internet time seeing as I don't have a...
  13. Engine building in Ohio

    Mid West
    Anyone in Ohio that has experience with engine building? Might have some internal engine problems that need worked out- right now, my crankshaft bearings are suspect. The car is fine when it idles, but begins to heat up very fast as soon as I start to drive. I have reasonably ruled out the...
  14. Building a Pirate Ship

    Canada East
    So I'm thinking about building a pirate ship so I can sail down to the Caribbean and jack some boats. Does anyone have experience with building a boat or know anyone I can contact to have one made? I will need some buccaneers so feel free to inquire about openings. As soon as I can get the ship...
  15. Building a house

    Canada East
    Anyone build a home by themselves, or a cottage. Looking to buy some land and build. Just wondering if anyone had some good bad experience?
  16. first time building a computer, i think i broke it

    Computer Tech
    i tried putting together a computer my self for the first time today, and it wont turn on. im pretty sure i have everything connected correctly, and that everything is compatible. when i went to go plug in the computer and press the power button for the first time, it sparked and made a big bang...
  17. Building an Ubuntu streaming media server guide

    Computer Tech
    Ok, I finally got it working and figured I would share the steps with CRSX First, load Ubuntu 9.04 on the machine you are going to use. I am using an old Compaq SR1303WM with a 500GB HD. You will need about 512MB at least and the processor really doesn't matter, I'm using a 1.8GHz Semperon and...
  18. thoughts on brands for building k20 head

    All Motor RSX
    im in the the process of builing my k20 head(everything from valve guides to port and polish) and i've heard different opinions on brands when bulding the head. some say not to use supertechs some say to use ferra and some say to use manley. I was wanting to know for those who have already build...
  19. Building up a base

    All Motor RSX
    How are yall doin? I wanted to know how to build my K20a engine. I am new to this kind of stuff and i want to fully build my engine. I just need to know what kind of stuff to get. Thanks, 504RSX