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  1. Engine building advice

    All Motor RSX
    I have a k20a3 sitting on the floor of my garage. Its out of an 05 civic si with about 5K miles on it. I also have a dead a2. The previous owner claim it died from not changing the oil, but I think it died from hydrolock. The head looks salvagable, but might need new valves. The block looks...
  2. building K20a2

    All Motor RSX
    my last thread didnt work for some reason so heres my 2nd attempt... im planning on buying an 02 type-s with 84k miles on it because im getting a good deal on it and it has never been modded before. assuming the compression test and leakdown test come out good, do you guys think that i should...
  3. building k20a2

    All Motor RSX
  4. Building Up The Auto Tranny

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Alright well first of all i've been thinking about this for a very long time because me and my auto rsx have become inseperable and i don't think i'm going to do a tranny swap and most likely not even a turbo. What I've been thinking about is rebuilding my tranny to hold more power and possibly...
  5. Building as you READ

    Turbo RSX
    Finally sent my block off to get it sleeved.... It will be done in two weeks then the build begins.... I will get pics as soon as I get my block back.... my buddy that owns Force Fed High Performance is doing all the work.... He typically deals with domestics (LS1&LS6) but he is going to hook...
  6. Building your Type-S tranny up?

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I have an 02 with 78k miles on it. I am running a jrsc on my car as well... Stock clutch, flywheel, tranny, ect. ect. I plan on having this car for a long time, so what would be some good options to buildup the tranny? Can someone point me in the right direction? I will probably add lsd. Don't...
  7. building turbo kit pics

    Turbo RSX
    Im building a Turbo kit and wanted to share some pics. Precision 60-1 Greddy Ic Kit Greddy IC w/kit, Rc 650 Injectors w/ clips + spacers, Autometer Phantom Boost ( not pictured) water and oil, Cheap Bov The strongest rods i could find :laughing: Actually those are Mack dump truck...
  8. Building Internals Help

    All Motor RSX
    okay... i got an extra type s head laying right here and im gonna build up its valvetrain before swapping it out for the stock one.. so my question is what does everyone recommend or just give me your opinion on what i should get for each.. its gonna be daily driven so take that into...
  9. Building N2 head

    All Motor RSX
    I am going to install Toda N2 cams on my K20A2 head(this is a new head, not on my car). I am going to order the cams/springs, I dont need the engine kit becuase it has a flash, and I have that should save me some $$$...I guess I need to know if there are any "additional" parts needed...
  10. Building Turbo Engine

    Turbo RSX
    hey guys i wanted to build my engine for a turbo but wanna do the stuff myself im just wondering what i could change like cams and the, pistons and what would have to be done at a shop, thanks
  11. Building my block

    Turbo RSX
    I am going to be building my block, I was just going to do weisco pistons, eagle rods and a sleeve the block. I was looking at import builders web site and saw they sell built blocks for the rsx but they come with import builders pistons has any one had any experience with these?
  12. Good start to building custom Turbo kit

    Turbo RSX
    Well i wanna buy a Turbo kit, but I wanna pieace it togther as so I dont have to fork out 3 or 4 grand at one pop. IM looking to buy the turbo, intercooler, injectors, gauges, exhaust manifold, BOV, piping, etc... all seperate at various to start I wanna buy the turbo itself first so...
  13. Building my own KIT

    Turbo RSX
    Before I try building my own kit. I would like some advice from people that are already boosted. So if you have advise on what parts to get for my kit it would really help me out. Thanks
  14. Building the allmotor freak .............

    All Motor RSX
    What else do I need besides the following ? Toda Engine Kit (would ITR cams + ITR stuff be the same?) Ferrea Valves and Retainers ITR intake manifold Toda 3-way LSD Jackson Racing racing headers Borla cat-back exhaust Anything missing ???
  15. someone who knows about building an engine for turbo please help!!!!

    Turbo RSX
    i'm not that familiar about "building up" the engine so that it will be able to take the boost from the turbos. i've asked friend about getting a turbo but they all reply you need to build up the engine. can you tell me what i need to do? i'm thinking on the lines of internals and piping. please...
  16. Building an already built RSX Type-s

    Turbo RSX
    I put out several posts about my car a couple months ago, I thought it was time to update so here it goes. Currently my engine is getting a makeover with pauter rods, je pistons, clutchmasters stage 4 clutch, SAFC, AEM Fuel Rail, NX N-tercooler kit, a revo short shifter, and ARP head studs and...

    All Motor RSX
    Hey whats up guys, I just got word Toda started building my engine. I am posting a few photos to see what you think... This shits supposed to have 100,000 horses...
  18. Question about Building Motor

    Turbo RSX
    I am planning to build my motor to go Boosted. I plan on Crower rods, titanium springs, re-sleeved block, lower compression pistons and aftermarket head gasket. My question is: before i actually add any induction, will my car actually make less HP than stock due to the lower compression that i...
  19. cost of building up a turbo motor??

    Turbo RSX
    Hey guys..I had a question. Lets say your putting a turbo on your rsx-s. Say the turbo costs you $3000. Most people recommend upgrading the what parts need to be upgraded and what is the cost?? I think asking questions like this is how I can learn about cars..head gasket...
  20. Building up motor....

    Turbo RSX
    Before getting a turbo and running a lot of boost.... what do i need to build up to motor and the rest of the car to handle it because I do not want bent valves and all that crap...can't afford to blow up a motor already...