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  1. Do i need a new clutch, just an adjustment, or have i burned my tranny! or ??? help!!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    okay guys so on my way home today I was on the freeway and wanted to get around a semi so I shifted down to 5th to get around it well when I got around it and continued accelerating my rpm would just shoot up and the car felt like instead of 6th I just popped it in neutral. I shifted back down...
  2. Burned through clear coat!

    Car Care RSX
    Today I had the misfortune of seeing what bare paint looks like. I was going over the small portion of my trunk with a PC with, an orange LCP and SIP and i noticed an odd looking spot after a few passes, I took a look at the pad a saw red paint! My car is Milano Red, atleast the sides and hood...
  3. Stocks Bulbs burned out ... now what?

    Lighting RSX
    no water leakage or other issues i see but whatever ... now what? I was looking at installing a HID kit so looking for recomendations ... Just buy bulbs or if anyone recommends a kit let me know! Do not wanna pay to much (Over 150)
  4. burned cd's don't play??

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey are any of you having issues playing burned CDs with your stock type-s deck? mine starts to skip then it wants to eject the CD..i was wondering if you guys had any solutions for this..bc not being able to play music besides the radio is :thumbsdow haha thanks guys
  5. Bumper burned by exhaust

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    anyone has there bumper burned by there exhaust, it is because of the tip being too out or not out enough, looking to avoid this problem when building my custom setup, any input would be great thanks
  6. Burned piston

    Engine Building & Design
    Here is a shot of my #1 piston, it's a Supertech piston. Cliffs:I was doing some street tuning testing a dual stage methanol injection system using 100% alchohol. I am running a 12.5:1 compression motor supercharged at 11psi. I found a loose inline screen filter in my nozzle that I suspect...
  7. Fog Light burned a hole in bumper!?

    Exterior Mods EP3
    Somehow, the bulb for my foglight fell out of the assembly and i noticed smoke coming from my car. I pull over and notice that my one foglight is out and see that the bulb is sticking out of the bumper and burned a hole through it! Do foglights normally get this hot? Or is this because i wired...
  8. ...

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
  9. What's the slowest looking car that burned you

    RSX vs. All
    Anyone ever come across a car they thought was slow but then it turns out the car is heavily modded but slept unnoticed? :D
  10. Burned paint what are my options?

    Car Care RSX
    I burned the paint in 2 spots, one on the edge of the rear passenger quarter meets the hatch. That's not a big deal, I had a scratch sitting on it and I did not notice my pad was touching the edge. The other spot is more serious. I had 4 scratches on the driver fender which caught my nail. I...
  11. Brake still burned

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Brake smell burned 02 base rsx. my car was driving normal, but after a car wash. i drive like 5miles away then i smell burn. i check the car and i smell the burn came from the front brake and i tried to touch it, it was so hot. The rear was normal on warm. The engine light and the ABS is not...
  12. Kill switch melted and burned out

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    anyone have a specific kill switch that doesn't burn out/melt? I had it installed on my fuel pump. Luckily the switch burned out while I was in a parking garage.
  13. Burned 3 quarts of AMSOIL in 2k????

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I bought my Type-S with 58k on it, it ran great, sounded great and had some maintainence records, but I didn't get the oil change records. I have 70k on it now, the first 8k or so I used some Castrol 5-30w like it said on the cap, and it did find, just got dirty a lot like she hadn't changed the...
  14. spark plugs covered by burned out coolant.. imao

    All Motor RSX
    hey folks just wanted to know your thoughts here. I was doing compression test yesterday.. it went out fine with almost non diff between cylinders. which is cool... but.. checking out spark plugs... those looked good except covered with white s**t... (had no time to get a camera and make...
  15. Clutchmasters Stg3 burned out, what to replace it with?

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    The stock clutch was replaced when It got burned out 2 weeks after I got the JRSC installed. I replaced it with a clutchmasters stage 3 with a fidanza lightweight flywheel. Now the supercharger is off and I have I/H/E Solid Motor Mounts, and K-Pro w/750cc injectors. I am going to eventually...
  16. Burned out Headlight

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So last night I realized that my driver's side headlight bulb is burned out. I'm not too happy about that because I know how much of a pain in the ass it is just to change a bulb. (taking off the bumper....getting to the hard to reach screws, etc....) But where would you guys suggest getting...
  17. LED burned out: AC Knob

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    One of my LEDs on my AC fan knob just crapped out. It's really bothering me. I pulled out the a/c vent thats right next to it, but cant figure out how to get any farther in terms of getting behind the panel. also, I need to know what type of LED fits in here so I can get one at radio shack. Im...
  18. Will A-Spec Lip Cover Burned Spot?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Just have a simple question.. I'm about to install the HKS Hi-Power exhaust and it is known to burn the rear bumper. I dont have the aspec lip, but am planning to install it. If I get any, hopefully none, but some burn spots on the rear bumper, will the Aspec rear lip kit cover that area...
  19. burned a clutch

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    yeah this is the second one ive gone through in the past 7k miles. its probably me being a dick but seriously might it be a tranny problem? the first one i learned stick on and by "learned" i mean like get the basics down and drive around to practice. this one just went out spontaniously. i took...
  20. Really Burned my clutch

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    OK Before you read this i know the following I'm about to tell you was stupid and idiotic so spare me the comments. ok i decided one day to pull my e-brake and see if i left off the clutch that the front wheels would spin or at least the back ones would just drag and leave a rubber trail but...