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  1. clutch burnout and wont go into 5th gear

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    2005 rsx type s. i can put my car in 1 2 3 4and 6 and reverse, but wont go in 5th gear, when car is neutral or is running. also clutch pedal is so soft.
  2. Launching+kpro+burnout

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    my question is if you use launch control how can you do a burnout if my launch control is keeping me from passing 3k.. im doing burnout outs at 5k or more
  3. June 29- CSCS Beach Burnout

    Canada East
    CSCS Beach Burnout Canada's Biggest Sport Compact Racing Series Sunday, June 29th @ Grand Bend Motorplex Event Highlights Canada's largest Time Attack Championship Ontario's Largest Drift Championship Canada's Largest Show & Shine Championship Canada's Fastest Sport Compact Drag Cars Vendor...
  4. CSCS Beach Burnout Video Coverage

    Our 2013 video coverage of CSCS Beach Burnout from Grand Bend Motorplex is now up! Check out all the action from Round 2 @
  5. Frequent Headlight Bulb Burnout

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Oops, forgot to include the model and year of my car......2004 RSX For the past year or so, it seems like I'm changing headlight bulbs too often. I just replaced the driver side halogen headlight bulb mid-October. I know I replaced that bulb sometime within the last year... Beginning of...
  6. Need For Speed Most Wanted: Burnout

    Video Games Haha so pretty much Burnout with a NFS title...and one they used already :lolza: , loved Most Wanted :love:
  7. Epic Burnout & Fire

    Acura EL burns out until the wheel well catches on fire!
  8. Burnout compilation and rsx type s vs b18 turbo

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Rsx type s burnout
  9. Muffler Falling Off During Burnout Attempt

    If you saw it already and complain you shouldnt have clicked on this thread TOO MUCH HORSEPOWER
  10. crazy burnout with music

    Videos :rotfl::rotfl:
  11. BMW Burnout gone wrong.... LMAO

    :rotfl: :blah: :laughat:
  12. brake light burnout indicator

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi, Recently a friend of mine was following me in my 2005 RSX Base, and he mentioned that my brake light on my right side wasn't working. I was surprised and wondered how long I was driving like this. Isnt there some sort of indicator that is supposed to inform when brake lights arent...
  13. Corvette Burnout fail

    no idea how he didnt notice his wheels werent turning :rotfl:
  14. another burnout

  15. gay miata burnout

    Videos Absolutely love his car and setup. 30r with built motor and all other supporting mods doesnt have launch control/flat foot shifting set up and is taking it...
  16. Burnout! BROKE! HELPS

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i did a fairly large burnout up a hill the other day when it was wet just for a little fun and when i got done i turned at heard a pop/click like a bad ball joint, so i went home and jacked the car up and got my buddy to turn the wheels and it wants the ball joints my right side spring poped out...
  17. crazy nissan burnout

    Videos "so much horsepower jay your car left your muffler behind"
  18. rsx taking turns and Burnout Compilation

    enjoy Burnout galore RSX + turns
  19. Quick Burnout

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Changing my tires today and putting on my BG coilovers..... figured id give the tires some hell before i took them off. :beerchug:
  20. some guy tryin to do a burnout on a bike

    well i new something was gonna happen just by the way he started the burnout :rotfl: