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  1. Texas
    Here is a comprehensive DFW autocross calendar:
  2. Auto Talk
    where can i get a cool calendar with cars like tuner cars not muscle? all ive found was the mugen one but i dont like it does anyone know where i can find the modified magazine calendar?
  3. Auto Talk
    hey i have been looking for a car calender for 2010 but cant find anything i like. so i was wondering if anyone would know of anywhere i could get a honda or a jdm calender.
  4. North East
    CEMA is a Facebook group that organizes and keeps track of shows, cruises, meets, etc in the North East region for all makes/models. I keep track of as many as I can and I send out weekly e-mails to inform all the members of the upcoming events. Recently I've been working with YuppieRacing...
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    hey crsx, as i had mentioned a few weeks ago im doing a calendar for 2009. we are currently doing a mock-up and i need a really nice picture of a car. can you all post one on here, or email me : [email protected] of your car if you dont mind us using it for a mock up. i will send...
  6. West Coast EP3
    you guys interested in PNW EP calendars? I will be willing to put one together for everyone, I looked into prices, looks like 17$ a piece. just need to select 12-13 photos... want do you guys think? start postin pics for the calendar!
  7. Canada East
    Hey all, as you may or may not knw, I started my own business this past summer in the printing and advertising industry. I am working on putting out 2009 caledars out and was wondering if any of you are interested in having your car in the calendar. look around 5,000-10,00 copies being...
  8. JDM Only RSX
    check it out! 2006 Mugen Calendar by King Motorsports
  9. Auto X & Road Racing For those who are looking for opportunities to hit the tracks aside from NASA and SCCA events, there are a couple companies like SpeedVentures that put events together at a variety of venues.
1-9 of 20 Results