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  1. Car Care Overview and General Info

    Car Care RSX
    I wanted to put in my two cents worth on what I know about car care to help those out who may not know where to start. I would say that keeping up the interior is just as important as keeping up the exterior. Especially if you have leather to keep from cracking and drying out. There are a ton of...
  2. WTB a 2.5 inch Type S Midpipe. Resonator/No Resonator (Custom removed) I don't care.

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    WTB a 2.5 inch Type S Midpipe. Resonator/No Resonator (Custom removed) I don't care. Let me know thanks... I am in SoCal. Here is my number. 951-858-0817 Text Anytime.
  3. WTB 05-06 CHEAP all mess up dont care broken tap headlights

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    WTB 05-06 CHEAP all mess up dont care broken tap headlights text me 619-633-3699 thx Near San Diego area
  4. WTB: 05 front right quarter panel don't care what color

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    In desperate need text / call at 863-899-6069 if you have one
  5. 2009 honda civic lx FS 11,800 With honda care warranty! must go!

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
  6. Interior Plastic Care

    Car Care RSX
    Recently I've been using Mother's Back to Black for the interior plastics. I was using Meguiar's matte finish spray, but I found it just evaporates in a week or so. Back to Black is for exterior plastic bumpers and trim. So, I used it sparingly the last time I did an interior detail. It goes...
  7. Taking Care of New Paint

    Car Care RSX
    I am repainting my entire car in 2 weeks from grey to red, my question is how do i care for brand new paint, in order to keep it as minty clean for as long as possible. i have a car cover for protection, and i have off sundays and mondays so i can detail it every week no matter what. but what...
  8. first timer in car care?

    Car Care Showoff RSX
    have an 04 NHBP and has the usual pen tip dings. loaded with swirls... ive never detailed a car, always just washed it weekly...but im liking the outlooks and slowly understanding how important details are to the cars exterior longevity.. so far ive gotten to wash the car with a high quality...
  9. Kpro Tuning at Custom Car Care in Yorktown VA???

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Hey all, Custom car care is the only dealer in VA that can install Kpro on site. I was quoted 995 for kpro install and 1200 for kpro install and a dyno tune. This seems like a great price and I'm considering having the tune done there as well as the install. My other option is getting the tune...
  10. DC5 Crew Raleigh NC *CHAT* VI - It's 2012 and this is my care face

    Old one is closed so here's the new one fellas. Dustin hmu
  11. KCDC5 *CHAT* Don't care enough for some witty ass title, but Jason has too many tv's

    Mid West
    eh here we go... not pleased with the title but whatever... Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,856 User Name Posts itskien 320 BadAndy 306 Seth1784 290 jaguer8 189 Gokumono 169 Nguyen 150 suhailtheboss 123 user_unlisted 113 Spoolin4Door 78 ThePersianOne 40 -Wingman- 34 RSX-Served 21 DC5KC 10...
  12. Ft: 02-04 A-spec 17s well taken care of

    Wheels & Tires RSX
    Not looking to make any cash off these if u pay for all shipping, I just want to see what trades I get offered. Specs: 17x7.5+45 98% mint Tires: 225/45/17 More pics.:
  13. leather seats and door trim care!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey there felllow crsx'ers just wondering if anyone has the perfect solution out there as to taking care of the leather bucket seats, restoration and maintenance to prevent cracking (side bolsters and the base of the seat.) Further more the seat belt hitting against the door trim and side...
  14. Car care products

    Car Care RSX
    Spring's here, and I'm looking for good products to get my car clean and shiny. Any suggestions on products? I've looked around a bit, and here's my shopping list so far (updated): - Armor All Butter Smooth Wax - Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Detailer and clay bar - Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash -...
  15. Need car care help

    Car Care RSX
    So I had my driver side window smash on a heavy rainy night.The driver's side was all soaked up.There's a wrenchy smell in my car.Any tips or advices to get rid of the smell and on cleaning up the mess?
  16. how to take care color

    General RSX Discussion
    i need detail on my car but... umm my red is fading away like a pink so i tried clay bar and waxed but the result was horrible i think it came out worse so i was thinking to take car to detail shop but i wanna try myself best i can do before send it to the shop. ill post some pics of it...
  17. FS: RAGGTOPP Vinyl Care Kit

    Mid Atlantic For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Brand new, never open RAGGTOPP Vinyl Care Kit. I bought it for my S2000, but sold the car before I got a chance to use it. $30 pick up.
  18. P0303..... care to help a n00b out?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    as the title says, i have a p0303 code, i have a base MT rsx 06 with 71k miles- got her this Saturdayand drove it find then at night the check engine light comes on. checked it and it was a p0303 code.. i checked at a local autoparts and they told me, missfire on cylinder #3 and running lean, i...
  19. Looking to Get Started in Paint Care for $100

    Car Care RSX
    So I've recently become more interested in the process of paint restoration and proper detailing. I just purchased my RSX from an ex-professional detailer, so the paint is in pretty good shape with swirl marks common on a car that hasn't been jeweled in about a year or so on a black car. Now...
  20. Canada East *CHAT* No Boost, No Care

    Canada East
    New Fred!