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  1. Car Care RSX
    So, I washed and waxed my cars yesterday and my neighbor's always comment on how I love detailing. Well, I come out this morning to make sure my cars looked good and my neighbor comes up to me and says man those cars look wet. He is retired guy, who loves muscle cars, and keeps his cars...
  2. Car Care RSX
    pinnacle souveran carnuba paste wax... who here has used/tried this wax? it says it is a must for dark colored cars but at $70 for 8 oz, i want to hear your opinions. ive read some over at and got good reviews but would like to hear from you guys. also, before applying the wax...
  3. Car Care RSX
    anyone try it? i bought a bottle of it the other day and mixed it in, washed off and dryed off it looked damn spectacular. i think its a pretty good soap you guys should probably try it
  4. Car Care RSX
    Ok I want to start over with my whole car, and I tried searching for removing wax, and I found that dishwashing liquid works. Is carnuba wax the same, or is it an exception? I want to just remove everything and start with my paint, and build up from the beginning (wash, polish, wax). I think I...
1-4 of 4 Results