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  1. Cart before the horse?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Hi all First post. Did some searching and wasnt able to find a response to my question; though I may have missed it. Went into my local Hondata Dealer to inquire about Kpro.. pricing, procedure, installation, etc. After checking out my car (02 type s) the guy suggested before I get the Kpro I...
  2. Annual Spring Meet:Thomas Burton Park in La Puente (626) March [email protected]:00 pm

    Southern Cali
    During out last kick back at the KSMatic Garage. A few of us were wondering about the good old days when we had the Taco Cart Meets. We usually had one every month back then for birthdays. As that had past, we all grew out of hanging out at parking lots and in to working force, we are going to...
  3. 600cc crotch rocket powered golf cart project

    Welding, Fabrication, & Tools
    Well ive finally started the project. Picked up a GSXR 600. The past couple weeks ive been slowly taking my time working on the carbs, 2 outta 4 carbs worked correctly the rest was clogged up with old fuel and dirt. But as of this week i got it running and "purring" like a kitten... well as...
  4. FS: Matco Tool Cart

    Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Here I have a Matco Msc11 service cart. I used this when I was a tech, but I'm no-longer in a shop. Just sits in my closet at the moment. check for a matco commercial on this cart. Great for any starting techs, or for at-home. The cart retails right around $1000, I'm wanting to get...
  5. Best shopping cart software?

    Computer Stuff
    Just wondering if any of you have experience implementing a shopping cart into a website. I am working with a client and they have about 50 products they want to sell on the internet. They suggested "Magento Commerce" which I have never heard of. Only thing I ever worked with was OSCommerce...
  6. Cart Schedule 2009

    Auto X & Road Racing EP3
    Connecticutt auto cross and rally team schedule 2009 locations to be announced later.
  7. Shopping cart dent

    Canada East
    so i come back from a sobeys at 11pm tonight. i see a nice shopping cart plowed right into my passenger side door. Parked far away too, couldn't see any stray carts. Left a nice deep dent + scratch. Im going back tomorrow when the manager's on duty to check the tapes. But i have some questions...
  8. How does my cart look before I order?

    Car Care RSX
    Hi there, this will be my first time polishing, please take a look at my car at and tell me if everything looks good.. BTW, the Meguire's dual action complete kit comes with 2 white pads, 2 gray pads, 1 blue pad, 2 cobra microfibre towels, pinnacle pad cleanser and conditioner.. so...
  9. LOL, Sweet ricer shopping cart!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    this dude goes to my school, always revving his car and stuff around ppl, took a couple of shots of his car at our school car show today :rotfl: also has -s badges on both sides of his fenders where sidemarkers would go
  10. OK, got a bone to pick with CART now

    Auto X & Road Racing
    What the hell are they thinking broadcasting the Brands Hatch race live only on Fox Espanol?!?!?! The damn race is in England and it's a primarily AMERICAN sport, why the freakin spanish station?! OMG, I thought Chris Pook would save CART, not continue the recent tradition of trashing the...
  11. CART RSX pacecar graphics and paint job?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I'm a big fan of CART in addition to being an RSX fanatic, so the Acura pacecar (see pics on this site) has me drooling. How much do you think it would cost me to get the graphics and paint job done on my Type-S? I don't want to get the entire car done, so it would have to be a Firepepper and...