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  1. Engine Building & Design
    Hello all! Any good performance shops for Honda/Acura located in or around Austin Texas? I have an 03 RSX type-S. Thinking of going with bigger turbo setup need more power!! Also, want to install some upgrades internally too! Please post all recommendations! Thanks in advance ?
  2. New Member Introduction RSX
    My name is Bill, this is my son's 2002 RSX Type-S that he paid waaay too much for 2 years ago. But to be truthful these cars are holding their value, no matter how much their previous owners abuse them--a sign of a great car. I like the car a lot, but I tried to destroy it when I towed it home...
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    My name is Emmanuel and I've lurked around here since I had my Celica GTS. I had it parked on the street curb and some guys rammed into and totaled it. After that I purchased my red 2012 Honda Accord Coupe 5 speed but it felt to bulky and big. (Thats what she said) lol I wanted an RSX-S but I...
  4. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey everyone, I wanted to thank you all for your contributions to this site. It is truly a great resource and appears to be one of the relatively safe places on the internet. 1) I just purchased a 02 Type S in December as a 2nd vehicle. It has a bit of rust but i believed the motor and...
  5. Vehicles For Sale EP3
    I have two EP3s that need a new home. Both were Craigslist finds with no titles that were purchased as parts cars for my EP3 race car. I don’t have the titles and can offer no assistance with getting new ones. I don't want to mess with parting them out and would like to sell them as-is. The...
  6. Northern Cali
    Hey All, I remember back in the day, there was a CenCal section on Club RSX. Granted, I was off for years, but I'm back and wondering where all the K series guys are at? Still around? Let's do a meet if so. If there's anyone around, let's revive the area.
  7. Suspension, Wheels, & Tires EP3
    ***SOLD*** After 8 years of service I have finally sold my ep. For sale are my used summer wheels with used tires. The tires are in passable shape but not really worth anything. The price is not taking the tires into account. Asking $275 for the set. The wheels have some chips in the finish of...
  8. East Coast EP3
    Just to let everyone on here know if you don't know already, we do meets every Wednesday nights in Orlando @ around 7-8pm at Sonic on Semoran Blvd. Anyone in FL come join us one night!!!! There is more info on the website put together for the group under the events tab. Be sure to check it out...
  9. Vehicles For Sale EP3
    Hey y'all im looking for a 2001-2004 civic si, clean title, 200k>, etc. no bs. Preferably around $5000. Craigslist is a nightmare and I don't want to deal with it. Any of you have leads or are selling around the sacramento/bay area CA? Hit me up 5303069818 txt Thanks, Chris
  10. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    2002 Acura RSX With approximately 157,000 miles There is nothing mechanically wrong with the car. The transmission goes through gears smoothly and the engine is in great condition as well. I wouldn't mind the buyer taking a test drive as long as they are serious. The car has a Black Exterior...
  11. Florida
    Hey pretty new to the forums but I've got a dc5 and am looking for other rsx nuts in the central florid area to get together and chill, talk cars etc. Let me know and maybe we can exchange numbers or get something poppin pretty soon! I got like 4 friends all with rsx looking to expand out network!
  12. Florida
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tired of seeing other modded Hondas on the road and not knowing who owns them or what has been done? Well this is your chance to meet the people of the Honda community! This is not a car show for...
  13. Mid Atlantic
    I can never find any meets, willing to drive like 100 miles, I just want to meet up with a bunch of other RSX owners and cruise! Where should I be looking?
  14. North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Up for sale is my rsx. info can be found here
  15. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    For sale is a premium white pearl 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. Located in Central Pennsylvania (Altoona - State College). This car has a 6 speed manual transmission. 94,XXX miles. Never smoked in. Runs perfect. After market parts include: Buddy Club N+ Damper Kit (Coilovers), A'PEXi N1 exhaust, AEM...
1-17 of 198 Results