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  1. South
    Hey guys, It's been almost 4 years since our last dyno day. A lot has changed since then and we now house 2 dynamometers... a DynoJet 224xLC for 2wd applications and a Mainline AWD Dyno for AWD applications. I wanted to personally extend the welcome to everyone about our upcoming event. This...
  2. South
    Im moving to charleston soon and was wondering how or if there are ne car meets there or around the area?
  3. East Coast EP3
    Hey, I went to this (see link) last Saturday, lots of cars, but I had the only Honda (Acura RSX), need more honda cars there!:wavey: It's every Saturday in Mount Pleasant:
  4. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
  5. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    $1800 obo -Sold the RSX and now it is time for the JRSC to go. The kit comes with all brackets and hardware, manual tensioner, power card, and 3" pulley (will also supply 4" pulley that supercharger came with). Blower blades Brando MAP sensor relocator - $30 +shipping Jmercado Bracket for...
  6. Car Care RSX
    As stated in title, I'm looking for a good wash, clay, (light compound) polish, sealant and carnuba wax to a car that looks as if it doesn't need it, in the Charleston, SC area. If you know of one, please PM me. Pricing is insignificant at this point. Thanks!
  7. Turbo RSX
    We's gonna do this on the coast for realz this time :cool: CRSX EAST COAST MEET #2 Where: Charleston, SC When: Labor Day Weekend! Sept. 4th-7th Why: Sun, beaches, babes, fun bars and food, rsx's and TURBOSS! And because the last one kicked ass!! So I figured we would start a thread on...
  8. South
    Anyone going to this? never autocrossed before, so i figured id give it a try:dontknow:
  9. South
    When: January 26, 2008 Where: Charleston, SC at AV Engineering Info: Dyno day - The first 20 people to sign up can book their spots now and the price will be dropped from $75 to $50 for 2-3 pulls with a free 02 reading. If you are wanting dyno tuning please contact Anthony...
  10. Auto X & Road Racing
    Just incase anyone is interested, there is going to be an event in Charleston, SC next to North Woods mall in the parking lot of ICE palace on sunday Sept 14th. I just found out about it. Registration starts at 9:00 Am.
1-10 of 11 Results