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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    hi Everyone, Just bought a 2002 Base RSX . Got here dirt cheap. Car looks great but has some minor issues that I will be taking care of soon.
  2. Mid West
    Is there going to be a DC5 meet in chicago any time soon if there is any when is it ?
  3. Member Show-Off EP3
    Greetings! New EP3 owner from Chi-Town. Just picked up a clean 02 w/ 140k, Tein basics, Progress sway and tie bars, cf interior trim, blacked out headlights, AEM CAI, and Tenzo Sinkos. Not new to the Honda game, but new to the EP3.
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Looking for frame parts for my new rsx... Wonder if any other Chicagoans here know of any good junkyards with rsxs or other imports, as I'm making repairs to my mom's 01 pathfinder too. I did a search on a few other forums but could only find 2-3 year old threads. I also posted on jdm chicago...
  5. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi guys not exactly a new member. Was on club ep3 and club rsx had some good info that helped me with my ep. But I'm officially an owner of an RSX After my baby Miku got totaled:firemad:. :shakehead:RIP:shakehead: Insurance gave me $4000 to play with. Wanted another one but couldn't find a...
  6. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys! Not a noobie just coming back to the Honda life... I used to own a 2009 Fa5 before this that was complete Na set up with full bolts ons and etcs... I have owned multiple cars.. Owned the 04 Nissan sentra ser specv , 2002 acura Tl, Fa5 , 2012 Vw gli ,2007 Subaru sti and now I'm back...
  7. Mid West
    Hey All, Anyone can provide how to get free auto show tickets? Usually, Chevy dealerships provided them when test driving any of their cars. I haven't seen or heard any advertisements of any kind this year? Does anyone know where to score free tickets? Just trying to take advantage if there...
  8. Supercharging RSX
    ? What are your numbers and what are you running it in.:vtec:
  9. Mid West
    Hey all, just wanted to let the community know that my blue 2004 RSX Type-S was stolen in the past 2-3 days from the northside of Chicago, Uptown neighborhood. The right headlamp was brand new, the left headlamp was original and noticeably yellow and hazy. The hood had also recently been keyed...
  10. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Found one locally. Thanks everyone :)
  11. Member Show-Off EP3
    I'm 17 and recently bought an ep3 about a month ago. The previous owners didn't take care of her so she's pretty banged up. :( It came with Rota Circuit 8's. All i've done to it since i got it is install an NRG set up with generic wheel, and a DIY shift boot since the stock one was gone.
  12. Part Outs EP3
    Hey Fellow EP'ers, Here I've got a part out list that I'd like to get moving. If there is something that you like, kindly send me a pm for quickest response. Would prefer locals but welcome to out of town deals. I've got great feedback :) Jdm rear view "blind spot" mirror -- $20 shipped Rsx...
  13. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Somebody broke into my car this morning and I'm in need of a drivers side window. Anyone within driving distance of Chicago let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  14. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Ds Chicago 10 size 9 $170
  15. Everything Else
    Ds Chi 10 size 9 $180 shipped
  16. Mid West
    I have been waiting for the verdict on this appellate court case: Sudip Ray vs. City of Chicago. I'm sad to inform that the current tint law in Chicago (no tint allowed on the front windows) is here to stay.
1-17 of 301 Results